African SMEs’ Performance and Behaviors during COVID-19

if it can be paid for only by those that voluntarily sign up for services (no taxes or fees for non-subscribers)?”

Figure 2.48: Support to build Fiber optics network

This is reinforced with some 86,9% respondents who declared themselves willing to switch “If you were ofered a fber optics speedier package would you opt for it?”

Figure 2.49: Potential clients for new Fiber optics infrastructure

4- Cybersecurity and security of digital tools

● Total number of respondents 242

Small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) are increasingly at risk of cyber-attacks, and often serve as a launch pad for larger threat campaigns. SMEs act as easy targets for malicious cyber agents because they tend to have less sophisticated security infrastructure and fewer trained cybersecurity workers on staf to manage and respond to threats. In this survey we investigate how this challenge presents itself to African SMEs.

Internet dependency

We frst establish that the Internet is being used by 98,3% of the 242 participants of this survey ( 96.4% in survey 2) Then for those using the Internet for their business, we establish the degree of their dependency on the Internet. The graph below refects 48,7% very high dependency and 32,8% high dependency over the Internet, totaling 81,5% high/very high Internet dependency among participants.


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