African SMEs’ Performance and Behaviors during COVID-19

Figure 2.45: Quality of ISP technical support

And this translates into a “rate the customer support’s advice” as follows

Figure 2.46: Rate of ISP Customer Support

Meaning that the majority are either satisfed or very satisfed, while the remaining respondents are either neutral (29,7%), dissatisfed (16%) or very dissatisfed (8,6%). On a larger view, respondents were in general satisfed with their broadband supplier with 42,6% satisfed and 1,7% very satisfed when asked to “rate your overall level of satisfaction with your current broadband ISP?” as shown in the below graph.

Figure 2.47: ISP Overall Satisfaction

J- Fiberoptics

On the fber optics, most respondents see a hope in this option, shown by some 80,9% of respondents answering yes to “Are you supportive of the city building a fber to-the-home network


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