African SMEs’ Performance and Behaviors during COVID-19

responses collected), followed by to harm my reputation (88 responses collected), then by imitating my product or service (84 responses collected).

Hacking Incidents

Among the Business Internet users (238) only 58 (24,4%) encountered a hacking situation. Among those 39 (67,2%) encountered hacking only once, while the remaining 19 (32,8%) encountered it several times.

Figure 2.59: Hacking Incidents

Thankfully, for 74,1% (43 responses out of the 58) of those who encountered a hacking situation, it was minor and had a slight impact over their business while for 15 respondents, the hacking incident(s) were major and had a signifcant impact over their business. Out of those who faced a hacking incident, some 24 “I was in a situation where I had to go out of business because of a cyberattack” which is very alarming since it threatens the very existence of the SMEs.

Figure 2.60: Businesses Shutdown because of cyber attack

These cyberattacks seem to be a real threat confronting the African SMEs since 84 (34.7%) of our survey participants reported that “I personally know of other businesses that had to go out of business because of a cyberattack”.


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