African SMEs’ Performance and Behaviors during COVID-19

11- Corruption & transparency

● Total number of respondents: 248

In this section we investigate how corruption is afecting African SMEs, how they deal with it and how it evolved during the pandemic.

Corruption Awareness

First, we establish whether respondents are aware of the existence of widespread corruption in their countries and this is confrmed by their answers to “I believe that a major challenge facing businesses in Africa is widespread corruption” with 42,5% who agree and 28,7% who strongly agree thus confrming the challenge.

Figure 2.78: Corruption Challenge

However, these participants don’t know exactly where their countries stand on the Transparency index with only 43,1% who respond positively to “I know exactly where my country is placed in the Transparency Index”. This could be attributed to lack of communication about the index in formal and expanded ways by ofcials and media. Also, some countries have changed drastically their stand with regard to their position in the transparency Index.

Figure 2.79: Transparency Index


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