Crest Ink - Volume 32 - Number 04 & Volume 33 - Number 01

Expanded On-Site Healthcare Services by Anne Noble

Crest Foods is pleased to announce an additional service added to our on-side health clinic! Katie George is a phlebotomist through KSB Hospital. She has a reputation of being one of the best in this area of expertise. This new service is free to Crest Employees, even if you do not have Crest health insur - ance. If your doctor mentions you need to have lab work, ask if the order can be sent to KSB to fax number: 815-453-8410. This goes directly to the on-site health office at the main clinic. If your doctor is a part of KSB system, the order can be put into KSB’s system. Then, you contact Ann Lee at 815-453-7411, ext. 7214. Ann Lee has to review the order then schedule an appointment with Katie.

The 12 Days of Christmas... Narrated by A-Shift (RedZone can also be used for some FUN, right?) On the 12th day of Christmas Crest Foods gave to me, a Crest Foods Family, 11 paid holidays, Did you know that blood and urine are one of the easiest ways for vinyl health professionals to diagnose a disease before symptoms begin? It is less invasive, less time consuming for the patient and costs much less money! If you are scared of needles or have had bad needle stick experiences, do not avoid having your labs completed. We have the best phlebotomist in the area available and Katie will renew your faith that having labs isn’t the worst experience ever! Katie will be on site for limited hours on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. Once labs are complete, Ann Lee can provide you the results and results can also be faxed to the ordering doctor. If your lab order has more specialized tests that can not be completed at Crest, Ann Lee will let you know and you can discuss options. The arrangement with Quest Diagnostics for those in the Crest Foods health plan, is still an option. We just wanted to add another option for more convenience.

two 4 day weekends, tools always missing, a chance to win a car, an ugly Christmas sweater, insurance that doesn’t increase,

coffee with no feeeeeee, a purple long sleeve tee,

overtime with a cash bonus, two raffle winners a week, and ONEEEE CHRISTMAS BONUS!

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