Fieldin: Real-Time Spray Tech Startup Started by Growers for Growers

By Cory Lunde and Stephanie Metzinger W hen Boaz Bachar and Iftach Birger founded Fieldin in Israel seven years ago, the millions of dollars they saved growers in pest management in such a short amount of time was impressive. The start-up company has now brought its smart sprayer to the California market to help Western Growers members and the specialty crop industry achieve the same results. Western Grower & Shipper recently had the opportunity to discuss sensors and smart farm platforms with Fieldin, a resident of Western Growers Center for Innovation & Technology. Bachar, Fieldin’s CEO and co-founder, shared his insights on how his startup’s technology can improve visibility in field operations such as harvesting, spraying and other mechanical cultural practices. Western Grower & Shipper: What agricultural problem does your technology solve? Boaz Bachar: In commercial agriculture, there is a lack of remote visibility in terms of field operations. This is especially true with particularly the specialty crop markets. For example, we have growers who can have dozens of machines and rigs running at the same time, across multiple locations and spread out all over the state. They have to manage all of that equipment and all of the operators, while ensuring they’re being as efficient as possible. Growers need actionable data

and they need it in real-time. That’s what Fieldin’s Smart Farm Control Center gives to our growers—the ability to manage all of their operations remotely, in real-time. WG&S: Can you share more about what your technology offers? Our mission is to help improve field operations with actionable insights. Fieldin’s sensors and smart farm platform allow growers to remotely manage and monitor field operations in real-time, giving managers actionable data that improves efficiencies during spraying, harvesting and other cultural practices. WG&S: What are the core values of your company? BB: Fieldin is a company started by growers for growers. Iftach Birger, my co-founder and Fieldin’s COO, was born and raised on a three-generation farm in Israel where he grew olives, almonds and wine grapes, and I married into a family of avocado growers. As growers, we understand the importance of developing a solution tailor-made for farmers. Our goal has always been to work as close as possible with our growers and provide them value. We make it a priority to assist with whatever we can in the field to improve their bottom line. Whether we are making their harvest activities more efficient or ensuring that they’re applying chemicals in a manner that produces the most yield, we provide growers with a layer of data that optimizes operations and allows them to be as productive as possible all season long. WG&S: Describe some of the early challenges and successes your start-up company has experienced. BB: California agriculture is a lot more spread out and farms at a larger scale than the farms we first starting working with as a startup in Israel. Understanding this helped us realize how important it was to have boots on the ground. Today, we have a grower support team comprised of regional experts who work hand-in-hand with growers to train their staff. They also customize our reporting and alerts to meet the specific needs of each growers’ unique operation. Even in our current climate where many companies are cutting back their workforce, Fieldin continues to expand our grower support team. In agtech, you’re only as successful as your support team. And if you don’t support your growers and help mold your platform to their needs, you’re not going to see large-scale adoption of your technology.

Boaz Bachar speaking to the Fieldin team


MAY | JUNE 2020

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