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lthough there are a lot of great reasons to join our Yearly Preventive Maintenance (YPM) program, I’d be lying if I said one of our favorites isn’t seeing what kind of weird stuff we can find up on roofs. Truly, you might not expect a roof to be a gathering place for odd and bizarre objects, but I’m here to tell you that sometimes, it’s better than the dump!

Over the years, Dri Tech has kept a record of some of the more family-friendly finds, and the list ranges from the mundane to the very strange. Things like watches and cellphones might seem typical, although you wouldn’t think many people would be up there. But as it turns out, roofs can be a popular hangout spot! We’ve also found chairs and barbecues (including the chicken wings!) and lots of empty bottles. We’ve also discovered a frightening number of bullets as well as bullet casings — meaning people are shooting guns both off and on the rooftop. But the most memorable? That has to go to the creepy burned-up doll’s head that Kristina found. We find all this stuff doing inspections for our YPM program, which sends our crew to your building twice a year. If you’re curious about what’s up there, it’s a good way to find out without risking your safety! Of course, that’s not the only reason to join the YPM program; you can also save serious money and heartache in the long run. As you know, many roofing manufacturers offer warranties on their products, but only if the roof is cleaned regularly and maintained properly. When you sign up for YPM, we do exactly that: cleaning debris, dirt, and gutters and removing all the trash and detritus from the site. There are three “tiers” of the program, and the most basic tier offers this twice-yearly cleaning as well as thorough visual inspection of your drains, roof field, flashing, and other “problem spots” for roofs. Further tier options add in one or more yearly non- warranty leak calls, minor repair as needed, and caulk and sealant inspection and replacement. We even have an option for no-access drone inspections of roofs, where permitted by FAA. We can do YPM

year to year, but we also offer multi-year contracts that really take the worry out of maintaining your roof — and your warranty.

Obviously, the cleaning and maintenance offered in YPM is valuable, and for minor wear and tear, there are some great options there! But in my opinion, the biggest value is just having knowledgeable roofing pros get up there twice a year to look around, especially just after or when we’re heading into winter weather. What looks normal to most people might read very differently to our team, and they may spot “issues” even before they become issues. You’ll get a picture of what’s going on, along with an explanation and a proposal/estimate for anything not covered in the YPM contract from our service team (which is led by Jared Osuna, our April newsletter spotlight employee!). This maximizes your options and minimizes the cost. It all means that YPM is a great deal for anybody with a building to protect. It’s extremely budget-friendly, especially for property managers.

Plus, you’ll get to see the cool, weird stuff that spring-cleaning turns up. Who knows? Your roof just might make our “greatest finds” list!

–Blaine DeBrouwer


and eating out; and 20% to savings, which starts by building a three- month emergency fund and then allocating savings to a retirement fund thereafter. If you have credit card debt, Warren suggests allocating that final 20% to debt repayment before you start saving. Otherwise, you’ll just backslide as interest mounts on your existing debt. If you’re able to save more than 20%, adjust the ratios accordingly. If you can’t save 20% just yet, start with less (even 1% each month adds up!) and make a goal to increase your savings by 1% each month or quarter. The Anti-Budget Strategy If Warren’s budgeting strategy feels too complicated, try financial expert and “Afford Anything” podcast host Paula Pant’s anti-budget. Each time you get paid, skim 20% (or whatever your current savings goal is) off the top, put it in a savings or retirement account, and spend the rest however you’d like. Pant’s logic here is that if you tell yourself you’ll save “whatever’s left over at the end of the month,” you’re unlikely to save anything. Free yourself from the worry by saving first, then spend the rest guilt-free. 2 SIMPLE BUDGETING STRATEGIES YOU CAN IMPLEMENT TODAY NO SPREADSHEETS REQUIRED

Paying off debt and saving money are the building blocks of a healthy financial life, but the statistics are dire: One-third of Americans haven’t saved a single penny for retirement, 38% of households have credit card debt, and 44% don’t have enough cash saved to cover a $400 emergency expense. If you see yourself in those numbers, there’s no better time than now to start working on healthier financial habits because April is Financial Literacy Month. Even with myriad apps available to help, budgeting can still feel intimidating. So, why not keep it simple with these two systems you can implement today? The 50-30-20 Strategy Before she was a U.S. senator, Elizabeth Warren was a tenured law professor at Harvard, specializing in bankruptcy. During that time, she published the widely acclaimed personal finance book, “All Your Worth: The Ultimate Lifetime Money Plan.” Some 16 years later, her advice still holds up. That’s because Warren’s approach to money is simple and flexible.

She suggests allocating 50% of your income to needs like housing, groceries, and utilities; 30% to wants like entertainment, vacations,

If 20% feels like too lofty a goal, start with whatever feels doable and work to increase that by 1% each month or quarter.

Service Manager Jared Gets Creative EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT

Some people like knowing what each day will bring, but Jared Osuna, Dri Tech’s service manager, is not one of them. “In this job, I get to exercise my creativity in lots of ways,” he says. “No two days are alike. Today I might be on a single-story building in an office park. Tomorrow, it could be a huge warehouse with thousands and thousands of square feet of roof.” “You see a lot of thermal movement in roofs in this climate, and the UV damage from all that sun is a real factor, as well,” Jared says. Solutions rely on his creativity — and also on his team. “I’ve been in this industry for 23 years. Dri Tech is a family-oriented business. We get along great, and we support one another.” Off the clock, Jared loves to go off-roading with his wife and three kids. “Time with my loved ones is my hobby. It doesn’t matter what we’re doing because the time is what matters.” He also enjoys cooking and can pinch-hit a mean date-night dinner!

Thank you, Jared, for everything you bring to the table — Dri Tech is a better place for your creativity, your generosity, and your work ethic.




doesn’t happen and something goes wrong, the manufacturer won’t honor their end of the warranty. In those situations, the installer can sometimes end up caught between the manufacturer and the client. We install products to warranty standards often, so our team easily met the challenge. One of the greatest compliments a company like ours can be paid is a request to do tricky work. Between the tight schedule, the Berridge warranty requirements, and the custom colors, we knew the client didn’t have too many others they could trust to do the job right. Dri Tech appreciates that trust and, as always, appreciates the challenge of working on a job that’s worth doing. The Animal Foundation

One of the things our team prides itself on is accomplishing our work on time and to spec so we can ensure that our clients meet their schedule deadlines, too. But sometimes, that’s more difficult than others; delays can happen for all sorts of reasons,

from supplies getting held up to last-minute changes coming in from clients. This project for The Animal Foundation was on a tight schedule, but it wasn’t anything we couldn’t handle! We met the challenge of sourcing and installing three different custom colors for the standing seam roofs and also were tasked with radius column covers. Using three custom colors is a lot, but we got everything coordinated in time to meet our project deadline. Once on-site, we had further criteria to meet. This project required a water tightness warranty, which means that the products have to be installed exactly to the manufacturer’s specifications. If that


At the Round Table


One reason we love our Vegas Golden Knights is for their dedication to charity. Anywhere you look, they’re involved in giving back,

whether it’s publicizing a Silver Knights’ charity raffle or reading books to school kids for their reading week just last month. Last fall, we saw the 13 Days and Knights of Giving annual charity event, as well as the Knights’ turkey giveaway for Thanksgiving, which makes sure that local families who couldn’t afford a “real” dinner were able to enjoy a nice holiday with plenty of food. In today’s world, everyone from sports teams to politicians has to “talk the talk.” The Knights — and their charity-oriented Golden Knights Foundation — go so much further than talk. We can’t help but get excited about this because it’s what happens when you genuinely love giving back, like they do: Your energy spreads to others! This spring, we’re thankful that our Golden Knights love our community!










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Employee Spotlight: Jared


Dri Tech Project Spotlight: The Animal Foundation


Our Vegas Golden Knights


Get in Shape for Your Next Backpacking Trip

Backpacking in the mountains puts a fun twist on the standard campout. By packing all your gear miles from the nearest roads, you can leave the whole world behind and just exist in nature. That said, backpacking can also put a lot of strain on your body — unless you properly prepare for it. Peak backpacking season isn’t too far away, but it could take a couple of months to physically prepare for your next big trip. So, now is the perfect time to start working toward some of the following fitness goals: Increase Muscle Strength and Endurance Your leg and core muscles, as well as your shoulders and lower back (to a lesser extent), will do most of the heavy lifting when you’re hauling a 30–50-pound pack up a trail. With that in mind, you should devote two nonconsecutive days each week to strengthening these muscle groups. A few good exercises to increase leg strength are jump squats, single-leg deadlifts, step-ups, and hip rolls. A simple way people can increase core strength is by doing planks. GET IN SHAPE FOR YOUR NEXT BACKPACKING TRIP 3 ESSENTIAL AREAS TO FOCUS ON

Improve Your Cardio Health Backpacking includes a lot of walking while carrying heavy weight at a high altitude, which means it’s just as important to get your cardiovascular system into shape as it is to strengthen your muscles. Dedicate three days each week — alternating with your strength training days — to building your cardio health with activities like trail running, biking, swimming, or other aerobic exercises. Improve Your Balance Backpacking trails are rough, and you’ll need good balance to navigate obstacles and step over boulders, creeks, and large roots. The good news is that increased strength and balance go hand in hand. Building up the muscles in your legs and core will help improve your balance, as will taking walks or runs on uneven trails or terrain. These are just a few quick tips to help you get in shape this backpacking season. For more in-depth instructions, check out CleverHiker.com, Backpacker.com, or search “How to Train for Hiking” on REI.com. Happy hiking!




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