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Neck Pain with Theresa Palkovic, PT Dear Valued Client, Having frequent headaches and neck pain can literally be a pain in the neck, make you lesshappyand lessproductive

C2, will often radiate pain to the side of the face / head and back scalp area. Finding the Root of the Problem. To narrow the source of the problem, it is important to find out if your pain worsens towards the end of the day or is first thing in the morning. Pain at the end of the day and a complaint of a “heavy head” feeling is an indicator of spinal muscle weakness and spine instability. The neck and shoulder muscles justcan’t tolerate theweightof thehead (about the weight of a bowling ball) with daily activities, tiring quickly. Pain in the morning that may radiate to the shoulders or down the arms can be associated with the discs between your neck bones (vertebrae), especially if that pain is radiating. What is the best course of action? The best solution if you have neck pain or headaches is to see a physical therapist. Our physical therapists are experts in evaluating your neck joints and muscles. We help you return the normal movement of your neck joints and muscles gently and safely, relieving your pain. If you are having headaches or neck pain, discover our programs today and learn more about quickly relieving your pain.

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in life. Why do you have that pain in your neck? More often than not it is caused by a muscle or joint problem. Poorposture in theupperneckareacanoftencontribute to headaches, migraines and neck pain. When you look in the mirror do you notice that you have a forward head posture or does your head look a little shifted off to the side, not in alignment with your neck? Where Radiating Headaches Come From. Different problems with the neck movement will cause pain to be felt in different areas. For example did you know that if your pain radiates to the forehead or behind the eyes, this can be from “stuck” joints at the top of your neck? Poor movement causes stresses and strains on surrounding muscle and tissue causing irritation that affects thenerves in thearea.Thenext leveldown,called

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