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• Exclusive Fall September & October Guide • 4 Ways To Promote A PT Workshop • Fall Social Media Ideas for PT Clinics • PLUS Save 15% On Fall Marketing

Neil Trickett, PT

Inside This Issue: • 4 Ways To Promote A PT Workshop • Fall Social Media Ideas for PT Clinics • PLUS Save 15% On Fall Marketing


1) Digital Marketing Plan Here are a couple key ways to leverage your website & online tools this fall: Prepare & Publish 3-4 Fall-Themed Blog Posts. Think about common sports & outdoor activities this time of year such as football, hiking... even raking leaves! Make a list, then come up with some physical advice or “how to do X safely” for each to write about. Publish a new one every other week or so and promote it on social media. Use Email & Web Pages To Reconnect With Coaches. As various fall sports start back up, be sure to connect with any coaches you’ve had past relationships with, or reach out to new ones to describe your services for young athletes. Consider having a blog to share or even a dedicated page for sports organizations on your website. Promote Any Events/Workshops. PT Workshops are a great way to educatemany people at once about the benefits of physical therapy. Make sure your website has an easy way to promote sign ups such as a workshop landing page, and keep your calendar updated!

2) Seasonal Newsletters This season, get double duty out of your monthly newsletters: Select Topics That Help You Network. Let’s use the sports example again… if you plan to reach out to coaches or other programs, make your monthly newsletter about fall sports then order extras to take with you & distribute by hand. Consider Coupons & Offers. If you don’t normally, offering a special bonus for appointments or referrals is a great fall tactic as people become more “retail minded” heading towards the holidays. 3) Leverage Insurance Benefits To Fill Your Schedule Year after year, our clients’ most successful seasonal marketing campaign is to send what we call Insurance Deductible Reminder Postcards. It’s a simple, easy-to-mail postcard that reminds patients nearing their deductible that insurance could cover most or ALL of their PT expenses. This is a proven technique for getting past patients back - and we’d be happy to help you take advantage of it! Visit for options!

Private Practice Results:

4 WAYS TO PROMOTE A PT WORKSHOP 1. Target an Audience Identify who this workshop is for, and be clear internally who it is not for as well. You only want promotions being shown to people in the right gender, age range, with a relevant pain or condition, and in your local area. These are all factors you can use Facebook to target ads to! (see our blog for tips) 2. Website & Online Marketing Using a landing page on your website is a great way to promote the event and collect names and emails of registrants. Use targeted local ads to promote the event to your target audience, and use email to invite current and past patients to bring friends. 3. Social Media Be sure to post several times in the weeks leading up to your workshop. Try different types of posts too such as images and a teaser video – all including the link to register. On Facebook, you can even create a local Event page to invite your followers to. Ask local business partners and the event host (if outside your practice) to share it as well! 4. Direct Mail Within a month of your workshop, include a call out section in your monthly patient newsletter. Then about 1-2 weeks prior, send a postcard or invitation specific to the event. To savemoney, we can help you narrowdown the invitation list to people most likely to respond. Note: Promoting is step 2 out of 4 steps to a successful PT Workshop! Read & download the other 3 steps at:

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Neil Trickett, PT


It’s time to embrace a new season! Social media is often an underrated marketing program for PT practices. It can be challenging to track the results and how many patients are generated from platforms like Facebook and Twitter. However, social media marketing is more than just a way to get new patients. It builds awareness and consideration for physical therapy, its benefits, and your practice’s expertise. By posting online, you educate potential patients about PT and how it can help them feel better and be healthy. You also get your clinic’s name and brand out into the public eye. Thus, increasing the number of people who know and recognize your practice. Let’s see how you can leverage fun, seasonal themes to create social media content for your PT practice. Connect Seasonal Activities to PT Social media content needs to be relevant and current to appeal to users as their scroll through their newsfeeds. For example, fall is a big sports season for football, soccer and running. Share preventative tips, home exercises and articles on how PT can improve performance and recovery times. Also, be sure to have visually engaging images that capture the core of your content. View Social Media as a Conversation Your practice’s social media profiles are a virtual representation of your practice. They should have a personality and interact with the online community. Are you sponsoring a local event like a 5K race or community fair? Be sure to follow that event on Facebook and engage with their posts. Do you treat a lot of patients from the local high school sports team? Wish them “Good Luck” on that night’s game or conference through a short post or status update. (For HIPAA, avoid mentioning specific players/patients). Post Fun Pictures of Your Team or Practice Events A picture is worth 1000 words (and lots of clicks and engagement on social media). Start by bringing your practice’s personality to life with photos of the team and events. It could be as simple as “Doughnut Friday” in the office or a group photo of everyone dressed up for Halloween. Are you sponsoring a workshop or community event? Take pictures to post to Facebook both during and after the event.

Create Content for the Holidays Every season has its big holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving in the fall. And, there are also smaller holidays or causes that provide great content to share online. Here are some seasonal holidays that you can post about on social media: • Labor Day • Grandparent’s Day • Oktoberfest • Physical Therapy Month • Breast Cancer Awareness Month • Halloween • Veteran’s Day • Thanksgiving Share Seasonal Activities, Ideas or Recipes Think about what you like to read on social media. It might not always be articles or blog posts. Sometimes, we just want simple ideas or inspiration for something fun to do. Try using one day a week to share something fun and not directly related to physical therapy. You could post about pumpkin painting ideas, local apple picking spots, healthy snacks etc. Think about your patient demographics and tailor your posts to their interests. For example, if you treat mostly seniors think about activities for them to do with grandchildren. Or, if you see a lot of young professionals choose active and local ideas that are a fun option for the weekend. Lastly, Post Year-End Insurance Tips This is the best time of year to leverage patients who are at their deductibles or out-of-pocket max – teach them how to get cheap or even free care!

Neil Trickett, Former Practice Owner, CEO & Founder of Practice Promotions

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