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How We Change Without Losing What We Had

I worried a big change would negatively impact the relationship of the team, so we took our time in finding the right place to call home. We visited a million locations before finding a space we loved. It happened to have a beautiful view, and it wasn’t all that far away from our original location. Over the summer, I brought the team out for a picnic in that area and had them walk through the space. I asked if they could see themselves working in that environment and envision a future where

A few months ago, RTS Labs moved into a new office space. This has been a long time coming. Truth be told, we outgrew our old space more than two years ago! We needed more room, but we didn’t want to rush a move. It was important to find a place that would be the right fit for us, with room for the growth we had experienced and would experience in the future, without messing with the culture we had created.

other. Instead, they wanted an awesome conference room to hang out together, more accommodation rooms, an office that would wow future employees, and to make sure we maintained a culture of openness, even when we moved into an office that was three times bigger than the old space. This all lined up with what I wanted for the company, too. The office space Sierra and SMBW created for us is incredible. We’ve had clients come by to check it out and end up sticking around because they wanted to hang out! This journey brought the team together. The plan was for the leadership team to move everything over the weekend and have it all set up Monday morning. But the whole team decided to come in on Sunday and work together toward one common goal. It was a cool experience. Your company is more than the building you’re in, but the way you use the space sends a message. The message I want to send is one of valuing company culture and ensuring we maintain the good things about RTS as we grow and move into the future. -Jyot Singh

I worried a big change would negatively impact the relationship of the team, so we took our time in finding the right place to call home.

we could grow and thrive. It was ultimately the team’s decision, and once I knew they liked it, we made plans to transform the new office into RTS’ dream home. We hired SMBW, an interior design company that specializes in creating offices for technology companies. Our designer, Sierra Roman, did a great job of delivering something that fit our wants and needs. She held workshops and created surveys to understand what our employees wanted in the new space, and what she found was incredible. I thought the team would be more concerned about proximity to other resources or being too close to each

The soul of RTS has always been about openness. When I started the company nine years ago, I wanted to create a place where the culture supported openness in creativity and conversation. The team should be free to work in a way that’s most productive for them, and they should feel like they can provide feedback or speak up when something doesn’t go well. We’ve been able to achieve this thanks, in part, to the proximity in which the team works. We hate cubicles, and no one has an office at RTS, including me. If you love working with your team, why hide behind walls or create barriers?


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