Button Law Firm February 2019

FEB. 2019


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Part of DFW for the Long Run

Mindfulness plays a big part in my life, but when it comes to the firm, it’s not easy to keep my mind in the moment. Most of the time, I’m thinking a year or more out — I have plans in an idea journal that are mapped out for the next 10 years. All the pieces have to be in place to get where I want to be, and I work backward to determine how to get us there. So when someone asked what it felt like to be celebrating the fourth anniversary of our firm, it brought me back into the present. Four years. In some ways, it feels like we’ve been here much longer. But I recognize how The Button Law Firm has grown and strengthened, and it makes me so proud to see where we are and what we’ve built in this time. In four years, we’ve gone from being in survival mode to being in growth mode. I’ve built an awesome team, and they make it fun and worthwhile to do what we do. We love making The Button Law Firm a quality of life business. It’s a place with a passionate team and a place our clients confidently turn to for help. At the beginning, things were not so easy. Now, after four years, I can go fishing with my dad on the weekends. I can plan a vacation to take this summer just because I want to. Because of what we’ve built and the strength of my team, I can confidently disconnect for a day and know our clients are being taken care of to the standard of quality I’ve set in place. At four years, it feels like it’s time to think about the legacy of The Button Law Firm. When I think about our time so far, I reflect on all we’ve accomplished up until this point. We’ve connected with other attorneys and business owners, created our Teacher Appreciation program, and developed partnerships with local business, like Orange Salon and Red Star Bicycle, which you can read about on Page 4. We’ve gone from being end-game trial attorneys to being a community law firm. We want to be there for our clients during their cases and beyond. We’re growing into that next phase and developing the systems we need to deliver at an even higher level of service for our clients and community.

I want this to be a place that lasts beyond my time here. When I’m long gone, and my team is long gone, my hope is that the next generation of passionate legal professionals will continue The Button Law Firm legacy. It’s about more than just our business as it stands; it’s about leaving a lasting, positive impact on our community. We’ve built an awesome team and found our place in the community with a network of people who live here, from our clients and our referral attorneys to our community partners. My hope is that four years will turn into 40.

–Russell Button




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