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MAY 2019



Celebrations of mothers and motherhood can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, who often held festivals in honor of the mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele. As traditions have shifted toward more modern celebrations surrounding this holiday, family members will often try to find meaningful ways to show their mothers love and appreciation. To that end, I figured what better way to demonstrate my appreciation of my own mom than by featuring her in the newsletter! “While I ended up following more in my father’s footsteps, my mom continuously inspired me regarding two of the most important facets of life: work and family.” While my sister and I grew up simply calling her “Mom,” my mother’s given name is Pramada. She and my father emigrated from India when I was 5 years old. My dad had attended medical school there, but due to a lack of opportunity in the surrounding area, he decided to complete his residency in New York. While it was certainly a huge transition for all of us, my mom excelled at ensuring that everything progressively moved forward, making sure my sister and I navigated the change healthily. She has always had this amazing ability to keep everyone and everything connected. Growing up, I admired my mom’s energy. She was (and still is) what others called a ‘go-getter,’ constantly planning, organizing, and keeping all of our lives in order. Her

talents were put to full use during our family trips.

You see, one of my mom’s passions is traveling, and her love for seeing new

places definitely planted a seed in the rest of us, growing into a family pastime. We took roadtrip

after roadtrip to explore the U.S., as well as several international trips to Europe. We would also travel back to India for the entire summer about every other year to visit friends and family there. While I know without a doubt that my mom loved all of our family adventures, the one that sticks out in my memory as probably being her favorite was our vacation to Hawaii. Since she had such a zest for outdoor activities, she never seemed more content than when she was walking along the beach checking out the beautiful flowers and taking in those ocean sunsets. While I ended up following more in my father’s footsteps, my mom continuously inspired me regarding two of the most important facets of life: work and family. First, she encouraged me to seek success in what was meaningful in my life. Second,

during my quest for that success, she reminded me to never forget about family during the journey. Even now, she makes sure to set aside time to travel from Dallas, where she lives, to visit my sister and me in our home states. She also works hard around everyone’s busy schedule to plan family reunions. Her insistence on keeping all of us close, no matter the circumstances, has made and continues to make my family what it is. So, to her and to all the other mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day! -Dr. Cherukupally



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