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The First Month of an Empty Nest

Late last month, my youngest son packed his bags and headed off to college. And with that, my wife and I became empty nesters. When you put it that way, though, I think it sounds a little grim. It’s definitely kind of weird to have such a quiet house, but my wife and I are both looking at this new chapter in our lives as an opportunity to spend more time together, experience new things, focus on our individual projects and hobbies, and maybe even get away a little more often. For me, this will mostly mean more hours spent running the business. When you set out to start your own company, everybody warns you that it’s not a 9–5 job. Still, you don’t really fully believe it, or at the very least understand it, until you’re locked into 10-plus-hour work days. When you finish one thing, there’s always 10 more time- sensitive things you have to do waiting not far behind. That’s not to say

the kind of guy who prefers to do it myself when there’s something to be done. I actually enjoy tinkering around the house, making little (or big) improvements. For months, I’ve been using a few minutes on my free evenings to set up a patio, but I’ve only gotten about halfway done. I’ve also still got some work to do on the detached garage, installing electricity and putting in some insulation before it gets too cold. It’s engaging work, but the key to finishing each of these ongoing projects is perseverance, making sure that on the rare occasions I have time I use it to its fullest extent. My wife, for her part, is looking to populate some of our 20-acre property with a horse and other critters to take care of and play around with. Before too long it might become a petting zoo. I’m all for that, as long as she can keep up with the animals — my packed schedule can’t handle a feeding routine.

I’m complaining about the hustle and bustle that comes with being a successful operation. Having too much work on your hands is a lot better than having the opposite problem. I love the challenge that comes with mastering the business world, but let me tell you, it’s enough to turn a guy’s hair gray.

All in all, the first few weeks have been going well. We’ll miss our two sons while they

“The key to finishing each of these ongoing projects is perseverance, making sure that on the rare occasions I have time I use it to its fullest extent.”

are away, but my middle son’s still working with us, and the others will visit whenever they get a break. In the meantime, I’m going to take full advantage of every free minute, rare as they may be.

When I do manage to get a moment to myself, I’m happy to chip away at the dozens of projects I have going on around the house. We bought and renovated the house fairly recently, but I’m

–Keith Thompson



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