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Are you experiencing problems with your Slip Rings?... Cleaning too much? Waiting on units to arrive? Paying too much for parts? Not adaptable enough? Using toxic material?...


Since 1979 BGB has supported the dairy, food & beverage and pharmaceutical industry in providing leading rotary solutions. As the industry requirements have increased for cleanliness, more sensory and reliability of data, industry 4.0 and other information-driven production initiatives, BGB has responded in developing high tech solutions to facilitate the effective transfer of signal, fluid and power via fibre optic rotary joints (FORJ), slip rings and rotary unions.

Overcoming Challenges: An R&D Story...

The packaging and food industry are heavy users of rotary applications. Typical usage includes the transfer of power, signal and data, monitoring of data, power to the motors and much more. BGB understands the pain points and market drivers associated with slip rings in the packaging industry: > Cleanliness and zero debris is vital for machinery in the food industry, our solutions have the ability to be fully enclosed to IP68 > Today's on-demand society - The reduction in downtime is vital. Demand for high quality components that are easy to maintain

Food & Beverage Industry Mercury Free Slip Ring


Produce a mercury free slip ring with all the conductive benefits of mercury slip rings without the environmental and hygiene issues


Commission a Research and Development project and KTP to identify demand and start exploring different materials

> Lack of time and people to carry out maintenance works

> Support for ‘in-stocking’. BGB can provide stock units whilst we repair the old ones ( helping towards Circular Economy initiatives )

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