New Jersey Institute of Balance - April 2018

APR 2018


Our beautiful family

Jack on his first birthday in 2016

Lia Grace turned 7 onMarch 3

Semi-Controlled Chaos Time Management (or the Lack Thereof ) With Twins on the Way

A s we round the corner into April, Lisa and I are in the home stretch of her pregnancy, only weeks away from welcoming twins to our happy little family. It’s been a hectic few months of semi-controlled chaos for the whole family as we get ready. Lisa has been staying home with our other two young kids, ensuring she’s there for them just like always. Meanwhile, I’ve been maintaining the New Jersey Institute of Balance while trying to make as much time as possible for my family. I may be a business owner and city councilman, but my wife and kids are absolutely vital to my existence and are always at the forefront of my mind. With our family growing even bigger soon, I’m in the process of figuring out how I can spend more time with them than ever, despite being what feels like one of the busiest guys in Hoboken. Even before the twins arrive, it’s been a challenge, though certainly a welcome one. Every week, I’ve been accompanying Lisa to a new appointment. This alone is a juggling act, as I run from the clinic to the doctor’s office, move around patient schedules, and work to make sure somebody is around to watch the kids. With twins on the way, Lisa’s been labeled “high risk,” so we’ve had some scary conversations here and there with the physicians, but everyone is optimistic and excited, not to mention all the precautions we’ve taken to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Time management has definitely been a little off the rails lately, but it’s just something I have to deal with. My utmost priority is the health and safety of my wife and unborn children —

if that means I need to move a meeting or switch my office hours around here and there, it’s a small price to pay. And luckily, my wonderful patients have been more than understanding throughout the process. Still, I’m not exactly expecting things to calm down when two more babies enter our lives. For one thing, Lisa will be dealing with four kids at home instead of two. Easing the burden slightly is the fact that my 7-year-old daughter, Lia Grace, is spending her weekdays in school, and we’re looking into pre-kindergarten programs for my son, Jack. And, of course, we have a bunch of family here to support us when we need, between my mother- and brother-in-law, my brother and his wife, and my dad. One of my major goals for this year, besides obviously being there for my family in the midst of this huge event, is to free up some more time to spend with them. I’m hopeful that I can find another physical therapist who’s up-to-par to bring on board the New Jersey Institute of Balance team, giving me more flexibility. But in the meantime, I’m determined to do everything within my power to wrangle my schedule and carve out that vital time with Lisa and the kids. Our lives are about to change — no matter what, I’ll be there to experience these precious moments by my family’s side.

—Dr. Michael Russo


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