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From Typewriters to Servers

Microtech’s 47 Years in the Treasure Valley

going to be my long term career, looked at my dad’s predicament, and figured I’d take a crack at it and see how it went. I joined the team in 1998. My father and I immediately made a push to update our services, moving into computer networking and more complicated technical fields. At first, it was the classic school of hard knocks situation, learning the ins and outs of the technology as we went. I took a bunch of Microsoft classes, striving to master the technology at every level. When my current business partner, Stuart, joined on in 2004, we had come a long way, but with his efforts, we were able to fully renovate the company. For years, we both wore every hat we possibly could in the company. We were technicians, sales reps, administrators, working all day and night for years to make Microtech the best IT company in the Treasure Valley. These days, with our full team of friendly IT experts, Stuart and I have moved to primarily management roles, but I can look at what we’ve built so far and say we continue striving to accomplish our goals. We know when it comes to IT, every company provides basically the same solutions. The difference comes in the way we deliver that service. With Microtech, you’re working with a company that’s been in the Treasure Valley for nearly double that of our competitors. We take a never-say-die approach, going far above and beyond for our clients, doing what’s right regardless of the short-term cost. It’s been a long, winding road to managing Microtech, but I have to say, when I take a look at all we’ve accomplished, all the clients we’ve helped throughout the years, I’m proud. I truly couldn’t ask for a better, more professional team to work with. Randy Amorebieta

My dad and his business partner started Microtech Systems way back in 1970, right here in Boise, Idaho. As you can imagine, technology was pretty primitive by our current standards back then. The company mainly dealt with typewriters and clunky mechanical adding machines, the kinds of things your kids probably wouldn’t recognize if they saw them in the bargain bin at a local thrift store. Years later, I was majoring in business administration and marketing at BSU. I enjoyed the intricacies of business, especially when it came to the granular aspects of finance. I graduated from school looking for work in that vein, but at the time, the only job a finance focus could get you was “stockbroker,” and that wasn’t the direction I wanted to go. Instead, I found

a job doing marketing research for a local company. It was a great first job, granting me the stability I needed to start a family with my wife, whom I met in our junior year at Centennial High.

We take a never- say-die approach, going far above and beyond for our clients,

Really, though, the Marketing Research Job wasn’t a long term interest, and I began to look elsewhere.

doing what’s right regardless of the short-term cost.

In the late ’90’s my father’s business had begun to struggle. The company was, in many respects, still in the dark, repairing printers and providing

other relatively low-tech solutions. He had done a great job providing valuable services for many years, with a level of customer care that you just don’t see often in the field, but was thinking that it was time to hand off the reins to somebody new. I took a hard look at my own circumstances, working a marketing research job that I knew wasn’t

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