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Our newsletter has been a wonderful opportunity for us to talk about a huge range of topics. This month, I’m sure there’s nothing on the news to talk about (wink), so let’s talk about pizza. Pizza is very adaptable to our needs. Have you ever tried to complain when you’re eating a really good pizza? That bite into freshly baked, chewy dough with your favorite toppings leaves you with very little discontent about life. Even if you need a keto or gluten-free crust, pizza can adapt to those specialties. It’s still delicious and everyone loves it. Pizza is also tied to a very important understanding of our country’s culture. While pizza is an Italian invention (going back to 997 A.D. in Central and Southern Italy, to be precise), in the States, there’s clearly a rich cultural melting pot around pizza. You can get Thai pizza, Indian pizza, barbecue pizza, and even dessert pizza. This variety alone makes pizza one of the most American dishes we’ve got.

their field. They’ll never miss a step. Their attention to “quality ingredients” will ensure your experience is as smooth as possible. Secondly, getting an attorney is your right as an American, and it’s actually a big part of American culture. Just as much as pizza, if you can believe it. The American legal system is also one of the most American things we have. While it’s not perfect at always achieving its goals, our courts are intended to be fair and democratic on every level — toward both the accused and the accuser. Not all courts are designed with that in mind. For example, did you know that Japan has a 99.9% prosecution rate? Nearly all cases that go to trial end in a guilty verdict. The reasoning

for that is complicated, but let’s just say that many law experts consider their judicial system to be a pseudo-adversarial system. Getting the right legal help on your side can completely change your life. A good pizza is pretty life-changing, too. Celebrate pizza this month by making or ordering a delicious pizza, and if you ever need an expert DUI attorney who will get the details right every time, give us a call — as top-rated Atlanta DUI attorneys, nobody serves justice quite like we do.

In these ways, an expert DUI attorney isn’t that different from an awesome pizza.

A DUI attorney should always make sure that every “ingredient” to winning your case is in the right place. Legal work is detail work — if you miss a deadline, don’t speak to all of the witnesses, or don’t look at the evidence or police report closely enough, it can seriously affect the outcome of your case. That’s why your DUI attorney should be an expert in

–Jim Yeargan



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Business is competitive by nature. If competitors didn’t push our favorite brands to be better, they may not even exist. Our technology options would be limited without Apple’s ingenuity. Shipping options would be limited without UPS or FedEx. And access to our favorite athletic gear would be more limited if no one was pushing the top brands like Nike to innovate. Competition fuels our greatest inventions, but behind every great leader or business is a core network of like- minded people and innovators supporting them. Professional associations connect business leaders to fellow innovators in their industry without competition from local rivals. These organizations offer many benefits and little risk to business leaders looking to grow. If you haven’t yet joined a professional association, these three benefits just might get you to change your mind. EDUCATION AND RESOURCES Google is great for a quick answer, but when you need to learn something more nuanced, a simple internet search won’t cut it. Professional associations offer tailored, more in-depth help and resources like industry-specific training and webinars, how-to guides, and coaching. From peer advice and education to scholarly studies and reviews, associations act as a library of information for your industry.

NETWORKING AND MENTORSHIP Why reinvent the wheel when you can adapt it with a mentor? Associations connect you to leaders who have stood where you are standing and succeeded. You can learn a lot from their failures, wisdom, and guidance. You can also connect with peers in your position and bounce ideas off of them. You won’t have to worry about competitors “stealing” your processes, and you have an honest, go-to support team to help you refine them before presenting them to your team. PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT AND GROWTH A business is only as good as the leader managing it, and all business leaders have room for improvement. An association can give you the tools to get there. And as you continue to learn, you’ll discover personal and professional areas that can be further refined. This personal development only makes you and your business stronger. Are you still not convinced you should join an association? Think of it this way: Your competitors could be growing through their involvement in an association while you remain stagnant. Push forward and connect with your peers today.

Smart Purchases to Improve Your Home Office

GOOD, NATURAL LIGHTING Is your home office kind of dingy? Having back-lit computer screens isn’t always the only thing you need to set up a productive, well-lit workplace at home. Consider the lighting in your office — do you wish you had more natural lighting? You might be able to achieve more natural lighting by adding tall mirrors, which will bounce light around the room. If not, consider buying lamps with paper lamp shades or something else that will add a natural glow to your space!

need bins or tall shelves to sort and file away important documents, this is a perfect time to consider upgrading your office space with more organizational tools to increase space. AN ERGONOMIC KEYBOARD AND MOUSE If you don’t have one yet, these won’t cost you an arm and a leg, and they’re a major quality- of-life boost to your home office. If you’re spending hours over a keyboard, you’re going to want some comfortable padding beneath your wrists. It will make your keyboard more comfortable to type on for as long as you need to use it. Plenty of ergonomic keyboards and mouses are designed for exactly this.

Being able to attend court hearings from home has gotten many of us at Yeargan & Kert thinking: How do we make our home office even better? Upgrading your office chair is an obvious pick, but you should also pay attention to other details around your office. And with Amazon Prime Day (Oct. 5) coming up, here are a few things you could consider upgrading or splurging on to improve your office comfort.


If you have piles of stuff on top of your desk, ask yourself: Is it on your desk because you can’t be bothered to put it away, or is it there because you actually don’t have space to put all this stuff? Whether you need a bigger trash bin to throw out paperwork right away or

We hope this helps keep your home office in tiptop shape! Happy shopping!



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You’re pulled over for suspicion of DUI in Atlanta, and the officer asks you to take a field sobriety and Breathalyzer test. What do you do? The smart answer is you do neither.

That’s because, here in Georgia, you don’t have to take their tests.

You don’t want to incriminate yourself. Field sobriety and Breathalyzer tests are not known for their accuracy. In fact, they’re notoriously unreliable. If they show a false result — which they often do — you could lose your driver’s license and be on the hook for hefty fines. One common field sobriety check is the Romberg test. It’s so unreliable that it’s not even among the three standardized field sobriety tests of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). HOW IS THE ROMBERG TEST PERFORMED? The Romberg test began as a way to diagnose medical conditions by judging a patient’s balance. Law enforcement has put its own spin on why they administer it and the way it’s given. It’s a doozy. One version of their test is for you to stand with your feet together, head tilted back, and eyes closed. Then, you’re supposed to estimate when 30 seconds have passed. When you feel 30 seconds have elapsed, you’re supposed to say, “Stop.” Another version is the Romberg alphabet test. Standing with your feet together and head tilted back, you’ll be asked to recite the alphabet — the whole thing, from A–Z — in a nonsinging and nonrhyming way.


INGREDIENTS • 16 oz white chocolate, chopped • 24 strawberries • 1 package mini dark chocolate chips

During the modified Romberg test, the officer is looking for a host of signs to tell if you’re impaired. These include:

• The amount of swaying — if there is any • How close you are on the actual passing of 30 seconds • Any tremors or shaking of the eyelids or other parts of your body • Your overall ability to follow instructions Because the modified Romberg test is not one of the standardized field sobriety tests of the NHTSA, the officer is not required to follow any guidelines when conducting the test. And, unfortunately, other factors, like legal medication and a person’s age and medical condition, can produce the same failing results the officer is looking for. Instead of taking their tests, politely refuse and contact a DUI attorney so they can begin working on your defense. If you call Yeargan & Kert, you’ll be sure to have the best on your side.

DIRECTIONS 1. In a microwave-safe bowl, heat the white chocolate at 50% power for 30 seconds. Remove it and stir, then repeat the process until melted. 2. Lay out a sheet of parchment paper. 3. One by one, dip the strawberries into the melted white chocolate and set them on the parchment. Allow the extra chocolate to pool to form a “tail” effect. 4. Before the chocolate coating fully cools, add three mini chocolate chips to each berry to form two eyes and a mouth. 5. Let chocolate set, then serve your spooky snacks!



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5 Steps to a Safer Hotel Room



Staying home is the best way to protect yourself and your family from illness, but sometimes life gets in the way. Maybe you need to travel for work, to help a relative, or just to keep your kids from bouncing off the walls. If you have a hotel stay on the books, worrying about safety is understandable. But by taking these precautions, you can protect your loved ones and increase your odds of coming home healthy. 1. Bring a sanitation kit and use it! Most hotels are going above and beyond to sanitize their rooms these days, but it never hurts to take extra care. Before you check in, pick up cleaning supplies like disinfectant spray, wipes, plastic bags, and gloves. Then, use them to wipe down your room. Focus on big surfaces as well as features like faucet handles, doorknobs, light switches, and microwave buttons. 2. Skip the decorative linens. Many hotels don’t wash decorative bedding like comforters and fancy pillowcases. To be extra safe, strip these off the bed and wash your hands afterward. If you’re chilly, opt for the hotel’s spare blanket (it’s probably hiding in a closet) or bring one from home.

3. Quarantine your remote control. As USA Today puts it, “It’s common knowledge that one of the germiest items in a hotel room is the remote control.” To avoid the ick, pick up the remote while wearing gloves and drop it into a Ziploc. Then, remove your gloves and seal the bag. Now you can use the remote without touching it directly! 4. Invest in a rubber door wedge. Viruses aren’t the only risk in hotel rooms — break-ins are another concern. To keep your room secure, bring a rubber door wedge. They cost less than $10 on Amazon and make kicking in a door much more difficult. 5. For maximum security, bring a door alarm. Simple travel alarms hang from the handle of a door and have two prongs that slide between the door and its frame. When the door opens and the prongs separate, that triggers the alarm. These simple devices send thieves running, and Lewis N. Clark makes a model for just $14.99.

Hopefully, these tips give you some peace of mind on your next trip. Happy trails!



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