2015-16 SaskEnergy Annual Report

OUR TEAM Our Team is a broad and diverse group, including employees, contractors and business partners, all working together to develop mutually beneficial solutions for SaskEnergy’s customers and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of work processes. The labour market remains competitive despite the moderation seen in the provincial economy. High levels of retirements are also causing an increased focus on this strategic mandate. Attention to a performance culture and the Corporation’s reputation for leadership development continue to be fundamental to success. The mandate also reflects SaskEnergy’s commitment to providing “the right resource at the right place at the right time”. Within Our Team, there are three categories of measures — Physical Safety, Employee Engagement and Workforce Diversity.

Our Team

March 31, 2021 Target

March 31, 2016 Actual 1

March 31, 2020 Target

December 31, 2015 Target

March 31, 2019 Target

December 31, 2015 Actual

March 31, 2018 Target

December 31, 2014 Actual

March 31, 2017 Target

Strategic Measure

Physical Safety

Second Quartile

Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate

Second Quartile

Second Quartile

Third Quartile

Second Quartile

Second Quartile

Second Quartile

Second Quartile

Second Quartile

Employee Engagement


At or above Hay Survey Norm

At or above Hay Survey Norm

At or above Hay Survey Norm

At or above Hay Survey Norm

N/A At or above Hay Survey Norm

Employee Survey


At or above Hay Survey Norm

Workforce Diversity


Youth (30 years of age or less)


18.0% 13.6% 18.0% 18.0% 18.0% 18.0% 18.0%


First Nations/Métis


15.5% 14.8% 16.0% 16.0% 16.0% 17.0% 17.0%

1 For the 15 months ended March 31, 2016

Physical Safety Employee and public safety are at the core of every activity at SaskEnergy, and to send each employee home safely at the end of the day is the Corporation’s top priority. Working with industry peers and other stakeholder groups to share knowledge and adopt industry best practices, SaskEnergy continually strives to develop a safety-first work environment in which processes and procedures are documented as meeting or exceeding the continually evolving best-practice standards. Importantly, the Corporation recognizes that these processes are merely the foundation for safety and that the individual decisions made by employees and contractors each day will ultimately determine success in this vital area. The Total Recordable Injury Frequency rate was 1.86 at the end of December 31, 2015. This means there were 1.86 reportable injuries for every 100 employees. Based on the Canadian Gas Association (CGA) benchmark information, this result would place SaskEnergy in the second quartile relative to its CGA counterparts.


Management’s Discussion & Analysis

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