2015-16 SaskEnergy Annual Report

Employee Engagement SaskEnergy also recognizes the importance of engaged employees to a successful organization. Through initiatives like the Leadership Network and Leadership Development Program, as well as all-employee meetings and various training and development opportunities, the Corporation has made positive strides in developing leadership skills at all levels. In consideration of current restraint measures, SaskEnergy cancelled plans in 2015 for an externally delivered employee survey. Instead, other methods were used to seek employees’ feedback and gauge engagement levels such as results produced and feedback provided during meetings, small group and individual discussions. These informal indicators remained largely positive throughout the year. As well, employees were invited to provide feedback through a brief internal pulse survey that confirmed employee pride in working for SaskEnergy remains strong along with SaskEnergy’s commitment to a safe and healthy work environment. Employee recognition, appreciation and open, honest communication remain areas that require continuing attention. Workforce Diversity SaskEnergy sees workforce diversity as a key business success measure, in line with Crown Sector Strategic Priorities, and strives to be reflective of Saskatchewan’s population by providing equal opportunity to qualified people, recognizing First Nations, Métis and youth represent a large portion of Saskatchewan’s future labour force. SaskEnergy’s successful workforce transition strategies are reflected in the consistently strong results related to the percentage of youth employed by the Corporation. This has been an area of focus for the Corporation for several years; however, the 2015 results were impacted by the restraint measures and the ability to hire additional resources. The 2015 results exceed the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission target for First Nations/Métis representation, which has been a focus of the Corporation for several years. However, this metric was also impacted by restraint measures in 2015.



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