Axopar - The Train Factory Launch

Dealers are free to download our 90 page Train Factory Revolution launch book in pdf for marketing use. The book is available as 210x280 mm size digiprint friendly version to use as hardcover copy for handouts to customers at sales offices, boat shows etc. A high resolution screen version optimized for tablets is also available. Note that all pictures and other material in the booklet are copyrighted.

1 THE LAUNCH REVOLUTION of the axopar 37

the launch of the axopar 37 revolution


Who in their right minds would come up with the crazy idea of asking guests to voluntarily travel to Finland in mid-November – to be met by rain, snow, darkness and cold winds? We wanted to show the international press and our dealers another world of boating; a more extreme, adventurous one – or as we would call it, the Finnish way of all-weather boating. And actually, it worked. More than 20 international magazines and 100 dealers from all over the world came to Helsinki, the hometown of Axopar Boats, for the biggest launch event ever held in Finland for a marine brand. During the Axopar and BRABUS Marine International Dealer and Press Days we revealed the ground-breaking new Axopar 37 REVOLUTION prior to its world premiere in Düsseldorf, JANUARY 2020. Held in three different locations, the main event being in a former industrial building, Vallila Train Factory, members of the press and dealers had the opportunity to be the first in the world to explore the revolutionary new Axopar 37-range, and also had the chance to discover the world of BRABUS and BRABUS Marine.




DAY 1 19.11.13


The vast Train Factory halls, designed by Bruno Granholm, were completed in 1901. Operations started in 1903, and the workshop produced most of the wooden passenger carriages and all steel wagons for local traffic used in Finland. Later the factory was used to manufacture and maintain railway wagons. The largest assembly hall was over one hectare, and by the late 1950s, around 1,500 staff were employed there. Today, a residentia l area called Konepaja is being built on the machine shop area and its former railway yard. The industrial halls built at the turn of the 20th century have been protected and re-used; they are now called the Vallila Magazines/The Train Factory.


Dealers and Press arrived at the Vallila Train Factory to take part in the reveal of the new Axopar 37 range in an über-cool, industrial environment that completely challenged expectations in terms of boat launch venues.


When guest entered the factory, they were met by three different themes; Miami Beach, with palm trees, beach seating and a DJ playing, a cosy, laid-back “living room” area with Fatboy furniture and a container bar next to it, and an exclusive “bond-esque” black and red area to present the world of BRABUS Marine.




Quickes Street Food treated international guests to a mouth-watering selection of modern street food to fuel their exploration of the venue, the new REVOLUTION boats and conversations.


Löfbergs coffee roastery rolled in their amazing purple Citroen Retro coffee van to offer all the coffee lovers a selection of premium, first-class coffees.



The best way to a man’s heart!

The world’s best gin, Napue Gin, created by Kyrö Distillery from Finland, was served throughout the event. The perfect G&T, served with rosemary and cranberries, has become a favourite among G&T lovers and Axopar visitors.




Dealers from all over the world gathered to listen to Co-Founding Partner Mr. Jan-Erik Viitala discuss the latest insights into Axopar Boats as a company and present the Revolutionary new Axopar 37 range.


Mr. Jarkko Jämsen, Head of Yacht Design at Axopar ’s partner agency Navia, gave a presentation on hydrodynamics and showed CFD visualisations of the ground-breaking new Axopar 37 range.



THE AXOPAR 37 SPYDER The launch of...

The excitement is through the roof ; dealers and press gathering for the launch of the new Axopar 37 Spyder. The Spyder is an ultimate challenger and a trendsetter, an exciting dive-excursion boat, a wakeboarding or water-ski boat and a true play- mate for blasting offshore, made possible by its user-friendly characteristics and its safe, responsive nature.


The 37 Spyder will keep on giving, not just for high-speed pleasure and undiluted fun, but it ’s also a boat that will satisfy the senses, even when lying at anchor, with an easily mounted, light-weight sun-shade providing shelter from the sun in the cockpit area.

Slipping the cover off the über-cool Axopar 37 Spyder, while the Beatles’ REVOLUTION plays in the background. From an ultra-pleasant day-cruiser to an uber-cool sports-weekender, the Axopar 37 Spyder is a wonderfully sociable boat with a wide and universal appeal, making this model one of the most versatile and practical ones in the Axopar range.



Old gives new life - a dormant train factory springs to life when the new Axopar flagship is unveiled. The world’s press and dealers gathered in earnest to be the first few privileged individuals to see the new model in the flesh.


Optional aft cabin for accommodating two additional passengers onboard, now even more comfortable and spacious than before.


Overall Length (excl. Engine)

11,5 m /37ft 9in


3,35 m / 9ft 8in

Draft to props

0,85 m / 2ft 9in

Weight (excl. Engine)

3.390 kg / 7.474 lbs

Passengers / Berths

B:10 - C:12 / 2 (+2)* persons

Fuel capacity

730 liters / 193 gal




B – Offshore / C – Coastal

Max speed range

40–50 kts

Max cruise range

300 nm (2x 300hp Mercury V8, 30 knots)

Outboard engines

2 x 225 - 2 x 350hp

Fuel consumption, cruise

2,3 l/nm (2x 300hp Mercury, 28 knots)

Hull design

Twin stepped 20 degree V “Sharp entry bow“

* Only w. optional aft cabin


The Axopar 37 Spyder is a true competitor to RIBs and open speedboats, but with so much more space for socialising, safer passage and extraordinary comfort. Day-boating has never been so much fun.



A completely new solution to boats – the Gullwing Door concept is introduced as an extension to the front cabin. An entirely new space experience that com- pletely redefines how an enclosed front cabin can be best utilised to provide a more sociable feeling, and full interaction with one’s surroundings, making the front cabin feel like it 's part of the outdoors.


Foredeck seating gives room for a quiet conversation under the stars with your favourite captain. Or just enjoy the breeze and scent of the sea.


The new model is more sociable, with enough seating for bridge, poker or a good lobster dinner with friends. Just sit back enjoy the day ’s catch or the captain’s cruising.


Through new intuitive solutions, the driving experience is brought even closer to the ease and simplicity of driving a car. The driver-focused ergonomic helm, with its clean and uncluttered dashboard, ensures the skipper will always remain confident and in control when handling the boat, even single-handed.


THE AXOPAR 37 SUN TOP The launch of...

The Sun-Top version of the ground-breaking new Axopar 37 deserves to be launched in true Miami style. Palms, sand, beach chairs and flamingos formed the launch scenery around the 37 ST in the Train Factory. The Axopar 37 Sun Top is the perfect combination of open and enclosed boating - a real game changer. The new 37 ST version, with its full-length shaded roof, is loaded with a plethora of innovative functionality and creature-comforts.




The Axopar 37 Sun-Top has more than enough ver- satility for enjoying all day long hospitality, all kinds of water-sports fun, and also mixing the perfect boating cocktail by adding friends and family. It is in every way a long-distance, com- fortable passage-maker.

Guests with their smart phones up in the air, ready to catch the first glimpses of the new Axopar 37 ST in Miami Blue. The Foo Fighters’ “All My Life” plays in the background whilst the cover is whisked off to offer an unforgettable launch experience for everyone.


More spacious and accommodating front cabin than ever before, now with the option of a fully enclosed toilet compartment.


Overall Length (excl. Engine)

11,5 m /37ft 9in


3,35 m / 9ft 8in

Draft to props

0,85 m / 2ft 9in

Weight (excl. Engine)

3.590 kg / 7.915 lbs

Passengers / Berths

B:10 - C:12 / 2 (+2)* persons

Fuel capacity

730 liters / 193 gal




B – Offshore / C – Coastal

Max speed range

38 – 48 kts

Max cruise range

300 nm (2x 300hp Mercury V8, 30 knots)

Outboard engines

2 x 225 - 2 x 350hp

Fuel consumption, cruise

2,3 l/nm (2x 300hp Mercury, 28 knots)

Hull design

Twin stepped 20 degree V “Sharp entry bow“

* Only w. optional aft cabin


The extended roof offers the best shade and weather protection possible; this without compromising on the space and versatility of the walkaround sides and aft-deck area.


The driver-focused ergonomic helm, with its redefined ergonomics, contribute to a supremely practical and functional layout. Both forward and all-round visibility are improved, whether standing or seated in the newly designed, extra-grippy seats.


The wet bar solution for the aft deck is a great option for those who love cooking their own dinner. It is also a perfect place to fix and serve a quick picnic lunch when at anchor.




The layout successfully screens all seven seating positions and the central dining table in one.


Safe and optimized freedom of movement all around the boat with a totally different and more sociable feeling while onboard. Enlarged functional foredeck layout, boasting a sociable seating area, with optional sun-bed/storage.




After the presentations and launch of the REVOLUTION range it was time for the Axoparty! Dealers and Press were offered a selection of gourmet street food, and the talented bartenders offered not only the world-famous Napue Gin & Tonic, served with rosemary and cranberries, but also a selection of other drinks, where Finnish ingredients such as sea-buckthorn were mixed to create unique cocktails. Beer lovers were treated to premium beers from Malmgård Brewery, which in 2019 won the World Beer Awards for the World’s Best Dark Beer for its Belgian Style Strong beer. An Axoparty wouldn’t be complete without our Finnish games, and our guests participated enthusiastically in all activities.


The new Axopar container concept was introduced during the event for international dealers. The container can be used for both outside and inhouse events to serve as a customer welcoming area, where customers can be treated to the full Axopar brand experience.

Guests were treated to a cutting-edge Virtual Reality Experience that showcased the new Axopar 37 in a Virtual Reality environment…those who looked really carefully might have also found hidden environments showing future developments.



A visit to Finland without trying out ice-hockey? Not possible…


The most popular and addictive activity turned out to be the speed test!


Bartender Akseli mixing the black Shadow and red Revolution cocktails in the Axopar container bar.


Guests had the possibility to challenge each other at darts!


The world of BRABUS was presented with the ultra-exclusive BRABUS 800 first one ever in Finland, based on the Mercedes AMG G63, and BRABUS Marine showcased the BRABUS Shadow 500 Black Ops Limited Edition ´1 of 28`.




Each year, during the International Dealer Days, we demonstrate our apprecia- tion through the Axopar Dealer Awards. The winners were recognized for their sales success, loyalty and sense of partnership, as well as for brand and product engagement.


- Best New Dealer: Corte Lotti, Italy - Best International Dealer: Eyachts, Australia - Best European Dealer: Boote Polch: Germany - Best Brand Engagement: Axopar London Group, UK - Best Product Engagement: Herholdt Andersen & Grimstad Bådsenter, Norway - Axopar Star: Frederic Guichert, CN Simons THE WINNERS 2019


DAY 2 19.11.14

During the sea trials, which were held on the UNESCO World Heritage site on Suomenlinna Island, a former maritime fortress, we were all able to experience true and honest all-weather boating onboard the new Axopar 37 XC Cross Cabin and Axopar 37 Sun-Top. The sea trials, which took place in typical Finnish November weather, were a great chance to really feel the revolutionary handling and per- formance of our new fleet. BRABUS Marine also offered sea trials of the BRABUS Shadow 500 Cabin Black Ops Limited Edition ‘1 of 28’, which had its world pre- miere during the Monaco Yacht Show in late September. REVOLUTIONARY SEA TRIALS



Suomenlinna Island is a historic place and a former military base. It was the perfect playground to sea-trial the adventurous new Axopar models.


In very rainy and cold November weather the dealers and press arrived on Suomenlinna Island to start sea-trials of the new boats – all with happy smiles on their faces!





Happy faces and blistering performance with the BRABUS test-mule.

During the sea trials, press and dealers where treated to an ultra-cool experience when they got to test the BRABUS Shadow 900 test-mule, based on the Axopar 37 Spyder.



THE AXOPAR 37 XC CROSS CABIN The launch of...

The new Axopar 37 XC Cross Cabin is ”the Gran Turismo of the seas”. This new Crossover challenges convention in both looks and onboard functionality. It brings a new era to all-weather boating. Never before has an all-weather boat looked this striking, instantly turning heads wherever you go with its captivating modern looks, challenging the perception of traditionally ‘boring’ enclosed cabin ‘work’ boats.


With 50% of the current A-37’s being sold as cabin versions, we are thoroughly focused on enhancing the concept to ensure this boat will continue to amaze wherever it goes.

The 37 XC opens a world of possibilities for safe, extended voyages in comfort, even in unpredictable weather. It takes you further on your journey, whether it be in the harsh cold seas of Helsinki, in the sunny and warm Caribbean or in the bustling waters of Manhattan. The Axopar 37XC is the perfect platform for every adventure at sea.



Forget the old prejudice that a cabin boat is all just about spending time inside; the new A- 37 XC raises the outer spaces to equal importance and functionality, as sociable and practical as it is comfortable inside.


The large sliding canvas roof, together with the two large sliding doors, really opens up the cabin to the elements on days when the weather allows.


Overall Length (excl. Engine)

11,5 m /37ft 9in


3,35 m / 9ft 8in

Draft to props

0,85 m / 2ft 9in

Weight (excl. Engine)

3.770 kg / 8.311 lbs

Passengers / Berths

B:10 - C:12 / 2 (+2)* persons

Fuel capacity

730 liters / 193 gal




B – Offshore / C – Coastal

Max speed range

38 – 48 kts

Max cruise range

250 nm (2x 300hp Mercury V8, 30 knots)

Outboard engines

2 x 225 - 2 x 350hp

Fuel consumption, cruise

2,3 l/nm (2x 300hp Mercury, 28 knots)

Hull design

Twin stepped 20 degree V “Sharp entry bow“

* Only w. optional aft cabin


Redefined ergonomics contribute to a supremely practical and functional layout, with a raised floor for improved forward visibility, while still being allowing the skipper to manoeuvre the boat in a standing position. Even when alone, the practical layout and driver-focused features ensure that the skipper will always remain confident and in control when handling the boat single-handed.


Every foot on board is used for socializing and practical living, infused with a myriad range of new onboard solutions and functions. New windows and door designs give more light into the cabin and an even better feeling of space.



Distinctive and instantly recognisable looks with aesthetic yet functional design to ensure that form and function go hand in hand.


The front cabin is significantly enlarged, with 30% more space than its pre- decessor, now with the option of a fully enclosed toilet compartment. It is more spacious, bright and accommodating than ever before, giving you a new level of living comfort.


Presented with optional comfort package and gullwing doors, which give an entirely new space experience, a more sociable feeling and full interaction with one’s surroundings.


The 37 range, with its entirely new hull, is superior in terms of performance and handling thanks to its intuitive driving feel, ensuring that even customers new to boating will feel confident behind the wheel. It´s the result of countless CFD simulations, sea-trials, tests and calculations. All for a best-in-class driving experience.





Dealers and press had the opportunity to experience the camouflaged test-mule, and Axopar 37 Spyder the base for the upcoming BRABUS Shadow 900; manufactured for handling, performance, G-force measurement and high-speed tests.


Based upon the revolutionary Axopar 37 hull, sumptuously appointed and a true driver ’s boat.


With 900 horsepower, blasting performance and an extraordinary driving experience, this speed machine is ready to take you out for a comfortable and safe ride at +60 knots.




Everybody wanted to experience the +60 knots blistering performance from Mercury Marine’s latest, twin 450R Verado XL 4.6 liter V8 FourStroke engines rigged on the test-mule.


Wearing the right gear ensures boating in mid-November in cold, rainy and windy weather is still fun as HEL…


SMOKE SAUNA EXPERIENCE Saunasaari (Sauna Island)

We are impressed that so many dealers and journalists had the courage – the Finnish “Sisu” (roughly translated as strength of will, determination, perseverance) – to join us for a traditional smoke sauna experience at Saunasaari (Sauna Island). After a long day at sea in cold, rainy and windy conditions, the smoke sauna and a (short) swim in the cold sea was definitely something adventurous for our guests.



In Saunasaari guests had the chance to relax in two different smoke saunas, bathe in hot tubs, swim in the sea and treat their taste buds to Finnish snacks and meals. A peaceful archipelago atmosphere can be felt in the smoke saunas, which provide the most authentic sauna experience.


One of the saunas has two old fire boxes that spread the right amount of warmth. This sauna is heated from inside and has no chimney. The second sauna has three thousand kilos of stove rocks, which are heated from outside, keeping the warmth stable throughout the whole sauna experience.



We want to warmly thank all journalists and dealers who travelled from around the world to join us, from countries like Australia, Taiwan, Bermuda, Great Britain, Russia, Norway and the USA, to mention just a few. We love that you share this passion with us!



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