Student Roost - Procurement Co-ordinator

Procurement Co-ordinator

We’re Student Roost. An owner and operator of purpose-built student accommodation across the UK and Ireland. We are unrecognisable from the small brand that launched in late 2017, having already created a portfolio of over 19,000 beds, with ambitious plans for the future. We’ve all heard ‘if you build it…they will come’; we believe if you build it right, they will stay: that goes for both our customers and our people. We want to be a stable, welcoming and safe backdrop for our customer’s entire time at University, giving them one less thing to worry about. And for our people, we all spend more time at work than we do with our loved ones, we think it’s only right that you do that in an organisation, environment and a team that you love being a part of. About Us

As a business built largely on acquisition, we have an array of properties and people, whilst many of our teams didn’t choose to come and work here, they do choose whether or not to stay and we’re confident we’re building a business that attracts talent from a variety of sectors and backgrounds, further diversifying the team in place. Whether our properties were acquired from others or developed by ourselves, we’re excited about the positive changes we can bring to both the physical aspects of the property and the experience within it for our residents. We have, and continue to, invest in exciting, capital programmes, driving value for our residents, the people who work there and our investors. For our people; providing welcoming work environments, interesting roles, competitive pay and benefits that matter to the individual. Our Learning & Development framework too, so whilst the rewards should be there for everyone today, the real riches are in the long-term careers we can offer. We’re putting major efforts into building a brand and an organisation that people want to work for and we think our greatest days are still ahead of us.

Jessica Gallop Director of People

Our Locations

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Our rooms range from en-suite to studio and apartments

Flexible tenancy lengths

Each site’s facilities have been tailored to their environment

What we Offer

Our Culture

Much is documented about the culture of an organisation; too much, some say. Or rather, that more effort can often be placed into the documenting of a culture and values, than the effort put into truly embracing and living the values of an organisation. We’re going to be the latter. We’re going to be better. You won’t find our values plastered across our walls, or our Team Members reciting them like a morning call; you won’t find a 100-page booklet detailing how we expect our Team Members to behave and you most certainly won’t find carbon-copy Team Members. Culture is how we work together to deliver a service to our customers, a meaningful career for our People and returns for our investors. It’s every single conversation we have internally and with our customers, parents, universities; it’s every piece of work we deliver, every person we hire, every supplier we pay, every room we sell, every new property we develop.

Our values are delivered, not just displayed

High Challenge high support

Freedom in a framework

People over policy

Base Camp


Reward what’s right

We work hard and play hard. We’re here to win, but we don’t lose sight of the fact we spend more time at work than anywhere else, it needs to be enjoyable.

• We know our market, our product and the opportunities on the horizon. • We’re all mature enough to know this isn’t a charity and our people are not volunteers – we get the financial impact of every decision we make. • We measure one another on output and contribution, over timesheets. • We are high performers and we thrive on achieving results. • We balance what we need to achieve with how we achieve it. • We step outside of our primary areas of work to lend a hand, to suggest new ideas or to lead important work.

Be yourself, everyone else is taken. We’re a diverse bunch and we welcome and embrace our differences.

• We actively seek real characters; we’re not trying to create a clone of ourselves. • We hire the characters we want in our business, we don’t want to lose that by people trying to ‘fit in’. • We encourage you to stand out in the crowd; we judge people based on their contribution and performance, not on the colour of their hair. • We’re welcoming, respectful and downright excited about variety in our teams, we recognise the riches aren’t just in the profit we turn. • We deliver a service to the most diverse population of people there is, we must reflect that in our workforce.

Our Values

We teach, train and develop our people; we believe you should be better tomorrow than you were yesterday. We commit to the growth of our people, the business, our profits, our resident experience

and our reputation. We lift as we climb.

• We actively encourage the spirit of enquiry – channel your inner toddler, forever ask why and challenge the status quo. • We think about who needs to know, before we blanket fire an email around the office. • We provide feedback to one another. • We ask what we can learn from any situation. • We all commit to a Working Agreement on how we communicate with one another. • We’re not afraid to suggest and try new ideas. • We believe the fear of failure equals fear of trying and that’s not who we are.

Have the courage to speak up, challenge when something’s not right, or when it can be better. Find your voice and know it matters. Don’t stay in your lane. Want more.

• We don’t want to hear that we do something because ‘it’s always been done that way’. • We’re prepared to take risks to arrive at the best solution for our stakeholders. • We speak up when something’s not ok, not working or not as effective as it could be. • We call out actions that go against the grain of our culture. • We start with ‘yes’. • We’re self-aware, we know our audience and we tailor ourselves appropriately. • We’re upfront, transparent and honest, we avoid the office politics. • We hold our hands up if things go wrong.

You’re more than welcome to be here; made to feel welcome from your first day with us – and every day thereafter. Make others welcome. This is someone’s home after all. • We expect everyone in our team to be treated with dignity and respect and we’re not ok with anyone who thinks otherwise – this won’t be the right workplace for you. • We put family first and recognise that we all have a life outside of work. We leave loudly, not making a secret of our desire to get home in time for tea. • We’re welcoming, respectful and downright excited about variety in our teams, we recognise the riches aren’t just in the profit we turn. • We all love a good story, but there’s no gossiping here, no telling tales and no sharing information that isn’t appropriate. • We use gender-neutral language and we never, ever judge others based on their lives being different to our own. • We treat one another with equal respect; we don’t let our job titles enter the room before we do.

About the Role

The Procurement Team are paramount to the success of our business and the Procurement Co- Ordinator is a key role in ensuring this success, therefore we’re searching for the best candidate out there to take up this exciting role.

Safety, welfare & compliance

• Top of your agenda at all times; practice an unrelenting approach to safety and welfare by adherence to any and all safety policies and processes in our organisation. • Develop an understanding within your respective area for all statutory and legal accountabilities we hold; furthermore, ensure that your colleagues understand why we perform such duties and encourage an environment where safety and welfare is never overlooked. • Create an environment whereby all team members feel confident and comfortable in raising any concerns about our properties or our practices. • Ensure controls are set up to ensure all supplier information always remains secure and confidential. • Administration and documentation library of all supplier risk assessments and insurance cover documents. Ensuring all our suppliers are on-boarded in the correct way with the correct insurances, Risk Assessments, Method Statements, and other statutory documentation in place. • Carry out annual audits of all supplier certification and statutory documentation and ongoing due diligence. • Carry out due diligence of all suppliers and their supply chain.

Key Accountabilities

Areas of responsibility

• Co-ordination and administration of suppliers and tender documentation including evaluation spreadsheets. • Supplier performance reporting (SLA’s and KPI’s). • Compilation of Expression of interest register. • Deal with supplier applications and maintain tracker and risk register. • Maintain supplier savings data sheets.

• Assist accounts payable with any supplier discrepancy issues. • Maintain supplier pricing lists to ensure as tendered and current.

Working with others

• Regular communication by the most appropriate means to relevant colleagues to ensure they are up to date on all preferred supplier data. • Working with colleagues across the teams to ensure any supplier requests/enquiries are dealt with promptly.


• Ensure all current and new suppliers have all the necessary mandatory/statutory certificates /documentation. • Where contracts are in place ensure an approved pricing structure is in place be- fore communicating to stakeholders. • Deal with queries from suppliers in a timely manner.

What you’ve done before

• Experience of working in a purchasing/admin function. • Administration of multiple activities. • Fully conversant with MS Excel and Word. • Worked across multiple work streams. • Working towards CIP’s or looking for an opportunity to attain CIP’s qualification.

What you’re good at/ known for

• Building and sustaining high-quality relationships with suppliers, clients, and colleagues. • Commercially savvy. • Inclusive of others, non-judgmental, fair. • Presence and credibility to work with a wide range of groups and individuals.

• Highly organised, on time, well-presented. • Innovative approach to problem solving. • Attention to detail. • Confident self-starter, with the ability to operate in a dynamic environment.

About You

What will it take?

Physical Effort • You’ll be desk-based, working in front of a screen for much of the time. In line with the DSE assessment, we encourage time away from your workstation, fresh air throughout the day and a good balance between systems and human beings! Mental Effort • This is a role of competing priorities and as a seasonal operation, there are times of year when workloads may spike, or unplanned incidents will take over. The role requires someone highly organised, but someone who is calm and pragmatic in their response to changes. • Despite solid planning, short-notice work may be required of you. • Unpredictable pattern of activity, no two days are the same and this role would be more suited to someone who can operate effectively in a highly varied environment.

Application Process

To arrange a confidential conversation to discuss the opportunity in more depth, please contact Hannah Searle of The Management Recruitment Group . Applications should be sent to

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