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This Study produced a 2015 Technical Memorandum that documented the preliminary data collection and study activities necessary to prepare a more detailed Scope of Services for a Preliminary Engineering and Evaluation Report for improvements to E. 131st Avenue. The study also produced several viable typical sections within the existing right-of-way for the proposed roadway improvements to be further evaluated in a future Preliminary Engineering and Evaluation Report. The Vision Zero Action Plan was adopted by the Hillsborough County MPO in December, 2017 in conjunction with a coalition of community and agency stakeholders. Vision Zero is an international movement to end road deaths and serious injuries that began in Sweden in 1997. The Action Plan identifies priority corridors and sets out strategies to make the roadways safer for all roadway users. The University Redevelopment Area Market Analysis was published in May, 2018 and examined the current and future market forces and redevelopment potential for the University Redevelopment Area of unicorporated Hillsborough County. The limits of the study were roughly from I-275 in the west, E. Fowler Ave and Fletcher Avenue in the south, Bruce B Downs and N. 46th Street in the east, and Bearss Avenue in the north. The key objectives of the study included considering how the study area fits into the goals and objectives guiding the Tampa Innovation Partnership’s “!p” strategy, encouraging redevelopment efforts that contribute to the economic prosperity of the County’s residents, and supporting existing companies, employers, and institutions located in the larger Innovation District. The study identified three potential catalyst sites along E. 131st Avenue, two of which were “selected potential catalyst sites.” These included 1003 E. 131st Avenue, the Robbins property currently operating as a lumber yard on the east side of the railroad, and 1410 East 131st Avenue, the Frontier Communications property. The final Supplementary EA for the new bed tower at the James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital was published in September, 2015 and documents the environmental and socio-cultural impacts of the expansion project. The project includes the construction of a six-level, 220,000 gross square foot bed tower on the east side of the existing main tower. The potential impacts of the new construction are included in the document, including proximity to proposed future transportation resources and impacts to Environmental Justice communities. The USF Multimodal Transportation District Study document was published in May of 2010, and laid the plans for a Multimodal Transportation District (MMTD) in the USF area. The boundaries of the MMTD are Sinclair Hills and Bearss Avenue in the north, I-275 to the west, Fowler Avenue to the south, and 56th Street to the east. The study identified a series of pedestrian, bicycle, transit and roadway improvements to be made in the district.

Previous PD&E

Vision Zero Action Plan

University Redevelopment Area Market Analysis

Supplementary EA for phase 4 of New Bed Tower and Infrastructure Improvements Project at James A Haley Veterans’ Hospital

USF Area Multimodal Transportation District

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