E. 131st Avenue PLAT Study


The purpose of this Part is to provide for University Community Area (UCA) zoning districts and design standards. The zoning districts and design standards implement the vision, principles and strategies of the Hillsborough County Comprehensive Plan's University Community Area Master Plan. (Ord. No. 04-27, § 2, 6-10-04) Sec. 3.13.02. - Applicability A. Except as provided herein, these standards shall apply to all development that occurs within the University Community Area on properties zoned UCA. These provisions shall not apply to public schools and projects with unexpired building permits, unexpired preliminary site development approval or unexpired construction plan approval at the time of rezoning to UCA. Additionally, Tax Folio 36474.0000 as configured on November 12, 2004 shall not be subject to the setback, parking location, minimum building height and street frontage requirements contained herein until such time that redevelopment of the property occurs. Existing lawful uses, lots, structures, characteristics of land and densities shall not be required to be removed or otherwise modified as a result of the standards or requirements set forth in this Part. In addition to the standards provided herein, development within the University Community Area zoning districts shall be required to meet all other applicable sections of the Land Development Code. Where any provision of the University Community Area design standards is in conflict with any other standards or regulations of the Land Development Code, the University Community Area standards shall prevail. B. Expansions of legally permitted single-family and two-family dwellings in existence at the time of the effective date of this Part shall be subject to the height, bulk and placement regulations provided herein but shall be exempt from all other requirements below. C. Expansions of existing multi-family and non-residential structures up to a cumulative total of 30 percent of the legally permitted floor space in existence at the time of the effective date of this Part shall be exempt from the requirements contained herein. Where structures are expanded beyond 30 percent of existing floor space, all requirements of this Part shall apply to the area of expansion. Conversions of existing structures from residential to non-residential uses shall be exempt from the requirements of this Part, provided the floor space of the structure is not increased by more than 30 percent. (Ord. No. 04-27, § 2, 6-10-04; Ord. No. 05-10, § 2, 6-16-05, eff. 10-1-05)

Sec. 3.13.03. - General Development Standards A. Designation of Streets

All streets within the University Community Area shall be classified as Main Streets or Neighborhood Streets (Local Urban Lanes and Local Urban Streets). Main Streets include 22nd Street and 131st Avenue. All other streets shall be classified as Neighborhood Streets.

B. Street Design

New streets and reconstruction of existing streets, excluding regulated roadways as defined in the Hillsborough County Comprehensive Plan, shall conform to the design standards established in the Transportation Technical Manual cross sections for Traditional Neighborhood Developments (TND Typical Sections). Traffic calming measures shall be permitted in accordance with Section 5.08.09.E of this Code.

C. Parking, Access and Site Design

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