E. 131st Avenue PLAT Study


with N. Nebraska Avenue. The study also analyzed the potential for growth in specific market segments, including retail, hotel, office, and general industrial uses. In addition, the potential impacts of the University Mall property redevelopment were examined. The results of the market analysis illustrated a high employment density along the E. 131 st Avenue corridor, especially near the intersection with Bruce B Downs Boulevard where the V.A. Hospital is located. Health services, having a large presence along the E. 131 st Avenue corridor, was also identified as the market sector with the highest growth in terms of number of jobs added. The study also stated that 20,500 employees per day travel into the study area for employment, while 11,200 employees reside within the study area but work elsewhere. At present, only about 1,000 employees reside and work within the redevelopment area, representing a potential area of growth. Overall, the market analysis stated that the proposed University Mall redevelopment is likely to exceed current demand for office, retail, and hotel space for the district as a whole, and thus redevelopment growth will likely come from other sectors. Finally, the market analysis did highlight the fact that the study area is not pedestrian friendly, limiting some retail redevelopment options. 1

Other plans detailed new development or infrastructure that may change the way the community interacts with the E. 131 st Avenue corridor. One example of this type of plan is the Supplementary Environmental Assessment for Phase Four of the New Bed Tower and Infrastructure Improvements project at James A Haley Veterans’ Hospital which detailed plans for a new development currently under construction at the V.A. Hospital on the eastern end of the corridor. Other plans made recommendations thatmay be ultimately be incorporated this study. The University Area Community Safety Action Plan provided recommendations to create a safer environment by improving lighting, increasing eyes on the street, and eliminating environments conducive to crime. Information from the reviewed studies is discussed or highlighted, where relevant, throughout the body of this document. For a more comprehensive list of studies and plans reviewed, and a short synopsis An assessment of current market conditions in the E. 131 st Avenue area was obtained through analysis of the University Redevelopment Area Market Analysis which provided a real estate and redevelopment profile of the University Area from Interstate 275 (I-275) to the west, E. Fowler Avenue and E. Fletcher Avenue to the south, Bruce B Downs Boulevard and N. 46 th Street to the east and E. Bearss Avenue to the north. The study identified several parcels with high redevelopment potential, including a number of parcels along the E. 131 st Avenue corridor, particularly around the intersection of each, please refer to Appendix I . C. Market Conditions


1 WTL+ Associates for Hillsborough County Economic Development, “Market Analysis, University Redevelopment Area, Hillsborough County, FL” (May, 2018)


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