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When Orthodontic Treatment Isn’t the Solution

Many people find themselves thinking about their appearance this time of year. How do I update my wardrobe to stay current with the trends? Which diet should I try? How do I look my best? Recently, a mother came into my office with her appearance in mind. I had treated her children years earlier and hadn’t seen her since. Now she’s in her 60s and making health a priority. By taking simple steps like exercising every day and skipping a glass of wine in the evenings, she’s lost over 50 pounds.

After getting over her surprise and accepting my perspective, she felt relieved that there was no issue with her teeth. She shared that she felt a lot better about her smile and that she appreciated it just the way it was. For my part, I felt glad to be able to confirm that she had a wonderful smile all along. It was her perspective that needed to align with her appearance. Addressing concerns about your appearance at any age can be life- changing, even when you get confirmation that it’s perfect just the way it is. We’re lucky to live in an age with so many options for treatment. My job is to help you find the right fit for you, even if it’s just a directive to keep your smile healthy and avoid peanut brittle.

"My job is to help you find the right fit for you, even if it’s just a directive to keep your smile healthy and avoid peanut brittle."

Kids, too, can suffer from insecurity about their appearance. Sadly, some kids can be cruel to their peers when their appearance is different, and misaligned teeth can add fuel to a bully’s insults. Fifth and sixth- graders, especially, tend to be at an age when anything that’s different is a reason to tease. One of my recent patients was in this age group, and I treated her for a severe underbite. We did Phase 1 treatment, which is an earlier treatment plan. By doing treatment now with a full set of braces, we potentially avoid more dramatic problems later. Her Phase 1 treatment could be the difference between having braces now and having to undergo jaw surgery later. Orthodontic treatment is an investment, and may not always be the right prescription. But when appropriate, it can give life-changing results. Whichever treatment plan is right for you, remember that the way you look at your smile is what matters most.

Still, she wasn’t satisfied with her appearance. After her weight loss journey, she was ready to have a smile that matched her newfound self. Remembering our office from the days when I treated her kids, she came in to talk about getting braces for herself. She explained to me that she had started to notice the protrusion of her teeth and believed braces would correct the problem. Upon completing my exam with her, I stated, “You don’t need braces.” I explained to her that her teeth were in alignment and there was no malocclusion or overbite that would require braces. Her natural smile was great just the way it was.

—Dr. Demas


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