and acquired locally and on November 1

Apart from genetics, there are many

they can all go into the compost pile.

other things that make the individual so

Of course, we cannot mention


Halloweenwithout issuing some words of

For instance, personal tastes in fashion,

caution for little trick-or-treaters.

music, food, sports, politics, home decor,

Amazingly, even inthisnervous, almost

cars and literature set us apart fromthe rest

paranoid, period of our history, no lawhas

of the herd. We are all very different, even


though we often try to go with the flow

children venture out after dark, knock on

because we do not want to be labelled

So awesome, it's scary

doors and solicit food from strangers.

“different,” in a negative sense.

Sure, we must be careful out there. But

Which brings us to Halloween. For

wealsohave toremember thatmost people

starters, do you use the apostrophe

no taxes, no streets or parks to occupy. Life.

duds that have not seen the light of the day

are nice and will gladly hand out sugar-

anymore? That question is, as one could

So simple sometimes.

since the disco era, can be dusted off and

laced treats, to somebody else’s kids, as

imagine, the centre of an ongoing and very

Speaking of taxes, apart from a Maple

admired as they light up the dance floor.

long as supplies last. Do not egg a house

entertaining debate among the miniscule

Leafs’ winning streak, does anything really


just because the light is off and it seems that

group of people who care about weighty

startle us anymore?

really great memories of Halloween?

nobody is home.

issues such as the proper usage of “eager”

The word “scary,” like “awesome” and

What was your best ever costume? Did

and “anxious.”

“whatever,” is so ubiquitous that it has no

As you trick or treat, remember that this

you make it yourself? Do you have fond

For example, youmaybeeager toattend

meaning. Scary has in some circles become

Norman Rockwell moments where you

is another fine traditionstartedby the Irish,

an upcoming Halloween bash, however,

a compliment, as in, “That singer is so

scrounged through an attic and cobbled

a superstitious lot who never pass up a

you may be anxious about how your

awesomely talented, it’s scary.”

together an ill-fitting, ah-inspiring outfit

chance to dress up and party.

costumewill be received. The obvious rule

At one time Alfred Hitchcock — Google

which your parents photographed and

According to legend, in ancient times,

of thumb: If an explanation is required,

him, children—couldfrightenthebeejabers

framed while they were preparing the

on Halloween, the disembodied spirits of

there is something wrong with the get-up.

out of entire cinema audiences by luring the

wooden barrel for a day of bobbing for

all those who had died throughout the

Costumes tend to reflect the times. For




example, adults are wont to impersonate


You must have been so awesome. OK,

bodies to possess.

unpopularpolitical figuresof thedaywhile

in the shadows. Thatwas a timewhen, in the


To ward off these spirits, the living

youngsters like to dress up as whatever or

real world, people were more trusting and


would dress up, parade around the village

whoever is hot this week.

more innocent.

sparenoexpense inensuring that they fit in

and generally misbehave by tipping over

Has Halloween, once quaintly known

Perhaps ignorance is bliss. Today, when

with the rest of the neighbours and spend

outhouses and removing fence hinges.

as All Hallows’ Eve, become too

children are taught to distrust everyone,

weeks preparing a Halloween display.

Good times.

commercial?Of course it has, andyouhave

you can turn on the computer and you can

Obviously, therearesomecommonthemes

In conclusion, Halloween is a festive

a problem with that?

see more gore and guts than anything a

when it comes todecorating and thatmany

time for children of all ages.

While so many people are “occupying”

perverse mind in Hollywood could invent.

decorators see this as a grave occasion.

So let us all enjoy this happy day and

cities todecry some evil or another, the rest

In an era when you can buy anything, it

Fake cemeteries and corpses are big.

of us have to keep busting our humps in

night in the true spirit of the season,

is refreshing to know that many still rely on

While orange is de rigueur, this is a very

order to bring home the almighty dollars

their imaginations when it comes to

whatever that may be.

green celebration. In fact, this is one of the

that pay our unholy bills, and to pay taxes


more organic, environmentally-friendly


to support a systemwhere people have the


“holidays.” Key elements, such as corn

the Christmas decorations. Now that is

freedomtooccupycities, ornot.Nowealth,

For at least one night of the year, tacky

stalks, pumpkins and leaves, can be grown


Local thieves make national headlines

January, 2010 in Hawkesbury, Alfred,

were scared off when they saw a police

the bandits to wait around. Patrick Plouffe


Mirabel, Vankleek Hill and Ste-Anne-de-

officer on patrol. They return later.

and Pascal Normand panic, fleeing with the

Prescott. Pascal Normand, of Lachute, 32 at

When they go to open the vaults, a

small amount of money they can retrieve



Hawkesbury was in the national news

from the open safe.

then 52, of Brownsburg-Chatham, had been

last week when the former CIBC branch


manager pleaded guilty to helping rob

Two charged with robberies

sister, Josée Maurice, 36 at the time, had


been sentenced to eight years and eight

a gang that carried out home invasions

months. One of the gang’s victims was a 92-

and burglaries.

Horton’s restaurant on County Road 17 in

year-oldman. The agreed statement of facts


France Maurice was sentenced to six

Hawkesbury. Brandishing a weapon, the

presented last week by Assistant Crown

years inprisonafter admitting inL’Orignal

suspect had attempted to rob the coffee shop


court to her involvement in the December

but immediately left without taking any

A 21-year-old St-André Avellin man


23, 2009 armed hold-up of the CIBC. She

money. About 15 minutes later a similar

and a 16-year-old female have been

a vulnerable woman who was gradually

pleaded guilty to a total of five charges,

incident occurred at the other Tim Horton’s

chargedfollowingan investigationof one

lured into the crime spree but did not

JudgeRobertPelletier sentencedher to four

Coffee Shop on Main Street in Hawkesbury

bank robbery and three aborted hold-ups

orchestrate the thefts. While conceding the

years for the bank robbery and two more

where thewould-be robber left againwithout


woman demonstrated poor judgement,

for a Hawkesbury home invasion. She

any money.

Charged with three counts of robbery

JudgePelletiernoted that shewasnot forced

received one-year sentences on theft of

September 28 a robbery occurred at the TD

with violence and one count of using an

to along with the gang.

credit cards and criminal breach of trust.

bank situated on Main Street in Hawkesbury

imitation firearm while committing an

The evidence shows that in November,

Servingher time in Joliette,Mauricewill

where a female walked into the financial

offence areMartinRobillardand theminor

2009,Mauricewas crackingunderpressure.

be eligible for parole within a year.

institution threatening violence and


Suffering from depression, she was crying

Her sentencing ends a lengthy legal

requesting money.

herself with the intent of committing an

inherofficeonadailybasis. Billswerepiling

process that began when she and ten other

She would have fled the scene with an

offence. The charges were laid following a

up. At that time, she met Marcel Larocque,


undisclosed sum of money.

probe of four incidents by theHawkesbury

her sister’s new lover, who suggested they


Police believe the two accused are also

Ontario Provincial Police Crime Unit.



responsible for an attempted heist October 3


the inside information to pull off the job.

of nine home invasions and robberies


a lone suspect attempted to rob the Tim

When the armed robbers showed up, they

committed between November, 2009 and



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