The Experience Spring 2020

elementary school teacher for the past 15 years. Together they teach grades 6-8 Sunday School at their church and she is on the Worship Team. Vince ‘02 and Joanna (Cameron ‘98 & ‘99) Sensenig live in Pennsylvania where Vince works as a painter and Joanna is a stay-at-home mother. They have eight children: Nicole (who is a current student at the Bible Institute), Bekah, Tori, Vince, Nathan, Danielle, Ali and Caleb. They are both youth leaders at their church. Scott ‘14 & ‘15 and Erica (Eaton ‘99) Matthews live in Bolton Landing, New York, where Scott is the Pastor of Bolton Community Church and Erica is a homeschooling mom. They have four children: Abby, Brady, Brody and Jackson.

area. She is an occupational therapy assistant. They have three children: Mackenzie, Natalia and Chloe. 2010’s Samantha (Ekes ‘09 &‘10) Leister and her husband, William, live in Delaware. They have a son, Bruce, and are expecting their second child in August. Samantha works for the Delaware Department of Transportation in the sign shop as a graphics tech. Naomi Wightman '09 & '10 just joined the Navy. She is looking forward to visiting with other alumni wherever she goes. Josiah ‘10 & Rachel (Peer ‘10) Brondyke live in Florida where Josiah serves as the Student Pastor at First Baptist Church of New Port Richey. Josiah attended Word of Life Bible Institute in Florida and the bilingual program in Argentina. He is a regular speaker at Word of Life Ranch where he is known as “Bronco Brondyke”. Sarah Hight ‘11 lives in Upstate New York where she works as a resident assistant at Valley Health Services. Jonathan Duckett ‘11 is attending seminary in Florida for his Master of Divinity, and he also works as an enrollment coordinator. He is a pastoral intern at his church. Philip Miranda ‘11 & ‘12 lives in the Albany, New York, area where he works with people with special needs. Jonathan Helm '12 lives in Virginia where he works in the Student Accounts office at Liberty University. Becky Fanus ‘13 is an assistant fitness director, personal trainer, snowboard/ski instructor, and gymnastics coach in Pennsylvania. April Bartholmew ‘13 lives in Missouri where she works in the warehouse at Ferguson Waterworks. She is involved at church in the children's ministry, the security team, and a Bible study.


Gregory Motte ‘99 & ‘00 lives in Florida and is a social worker with the homeless.

2000’s Ruth (TenHoeve ‘01) Sprout and her husband, John, live in Pennsylvania where she is the executive assistant for JHA Companies. Barney Caporal ‘05 lives in Texas where he works as a registered nurse and is involved in music ministry playing the violin.


Nathan Bryant ‘05 and his wife, Jonila, live in Florida where Nathan works for Sealift Inc.

Nicole (Houde ‘06 & ‘07) and John ’06 &’07 Turner live in the Syracuse, New York, area. She is a marketing assistant at Prudential. They have two boys: Ethan and Logan. Julie (Canfield ‘08 & ‘10) and Andrew ‘07 & ‘08 Eichelberger live in Pennsylvania where Julie runs an in-home childcare business. Justin Cradduck ‘08 and his wife, Dusty Jo, live in Pennsylvania where he works as a software engineer. They have three children: Howard, Wesley and Dylan. Rachel (Boddie ‘08 & ‘09) Barney and her husband, Oliver, live in Pennsylvania where Rachel works as the director of marketing and business development for JHA Companies. They are expecting their first child in July. Elizabeth (Peer ‘08 & ‘09) and Craig ’08 & ’09 Gornall have two children: Leah and Jude. They live in New Jersey where Elizabeth is a stay-at- home mom and works part time for PCB Home. She is also active on the music teams at their church.



Shalynn Murray ‘15 is a firefighter/EMT in Florida.

Sam Fanus ‘16 & ‘17 is working as a teacher’s aide in Pennsylvania.

Timothy Kessler ‘17 is attending Northwest State Community College in Ohio where he is studying mechanical engineering and welding. He is on the Praise Team at church and enjoys participating in Spartan runs.


Melanie (Widener ‘09) Bamberger and her husband, Angel, live in the Long Island, New York,


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