The Experience Spring 2020

harry Bollback Update ELIZABETH (BOLLBACK) NELSON ‘74

In January, we celebrated my Dad’s (Harry Bollback) 95th birthday! He has been a wonderful father, husband, brother, uncle and friend to so many. Life these days can be hard because of his age. And there are days when he has said, “I don’t know why God has allowed me to live this long when there is so little I can do for Him... but He must still have something for me to do.” Recently, one of the veterans (USMC, Vietnam War, sniper) he met through the VFW called and asked if he could come see him. As the visit was coming to an end, Dad asked him, “Bill, when are you going to ask Jesus to be your Savior?” Bill said, “Right now.” So, Bill bowed his head and asked Jesus to be his Savior! When Dad was telling us, he said, “I’ve been talking with Bill for almost 10 years... I guess God does still have work for me to do! What better birthday present could I get!”

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