Issue 111


Grassroots with passion

The Law of Averages Jennifer Lee, President, Grassroots Toastmasters Club (Jun 2018 - Jun 2019)


Napoleon Hill, advisor to President Franklin Roosevelt wrote in ‘Think and Grow Rich‘ that every night before he slept, he would have an imaginary council meeting with some 5 ‘invisible ghostly counselors’. These included dead people such as Darwin, Einstein, Aristotle, Confucius and Socrates. Through these soulful nightly meetings, he received immense inspiration, knowledge and ideas which he credited for his success in life. Robert Kiyosaki, Financial columnist on Yahoo Finance need not have to speak to the five 5 wise ghosts. He shared in his Rich Dad, Poor Dad book that he had two dads. His real dad, stuck in the middle-class with limiting viewpoints on money, and his rich dad, one of the wealthiest man in Hawaii, was smart about getting money to work for him. By consciously choosing to interface with his rich dad, he acquired the knowhow and mindset of how to become rich, which eventually led him to become successful in life.

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. – goes a famous quote by Jim Rohn, a millionaire motivational speaker and mentor of famous motivator, Tony Robbins.

It doesn’t matter how smart you are. It doesn’t matter how talented you are or which skills you have.

The people you spend the most time with, make you. You are their average. This relates to the law of averages. The principle holding that, probability will influence all occurrences in the long term. The Chinese has a saying, “ When you are near to the pearl, you will glimmer, When you mixed with ink slab, you become blacker”. THE NUMBERS ARE IN! According to the British Household Panel Survey, the probability of a child smoking is 12% if one parent smokes and 24% if both parents smoke. The American National Association for Alcoholics found that the chance of a child being an alcoholic is 25% if one parent is an alcoholic and 50% if both the parents are alcoholic. You would agree that if you want to lose 10 kg but you are constantly surrounding yourself with peoplewho eats a lot, you will find that it will take a lot to restrain yourself.

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