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Grassroots with passion

6 TYPES OF PEOPLEWHO BUILD YOURMENTAL TOUGHNESS Glenn Llopis, Business Consultant wrote in American Forbes business magazine about how we are surrounded by 6 Types Of People who Build Your Mental Toughness. They are the doubters, the leeches, the critics, the envious, the victims and the noise.

These are the pessimistic skeptics who are waiting at the sidelines salivating to witness your failure. Something like Mr. Bean? The Doubters ?

These are the typical “know-it-alls” who always have a voice in the matter and will disrupt your confidence by telling you that your vision is wrong. Sounds like Mr. Brown? The Critics

The Leeches

Leeches will stay close to your every move just so they can steal your ideas. They are uncreative and unoriginal people.

The Envious

The Victims

The Noise

Envious people make your job more difficult as they attempt to slow down your execution by trying to convince themselves and others that your work isn’t important.

Victims feel that something is owed to them for theirmisfortune. Theywould spend their timemaking you feel sorry for them by asking for favours. They are the manipulators and want others to feel their pain

They serve primarily to create chaos and make other people’s lives miserable.

These people average you down

Heard of the 5 minute rule on why successful people leave their loser friends behind? Writer and social entrepreneur Brenton Weyi says that if someone were to drag him down, he would never spent more than five minutes around them. He looks for people who average him up. Many of us have heard of the heroic life story of Darren Tan, a 34-year old student who graduated from NUS’s Faculty of Law in 2013. Behind his current success was a complicated life of an ex-prisoner, who spent his teenage days taking part in gang-related activities like robbery, fighting, extortion, sniffing glue and even dabbling in an array of drugs. Despite the long period of time in jail which forced all his English language abilities out of him, being in prison put a halt to him loitering the streets and the bad influences. In prison school, he joined the Toastmasters Club and even became the President of the club. Together with a lot of hard work and self-study, he convinced the University’s interviewers to admit him to Law School. Today, he spends his time trying to be the good influence on wayward youths that he was assigned to.

Conclusion Everypersonwillbecomesuccessful because of the great company he or she keeps. Your network of the five key people will determine the way you think, act and approach your life goals. Who you are with can elevateyouasmuchas it canbeyour roadblocks. You are the average of the five people you spent the most time with. So choose carefully who the five persons you wish to spent the most time with. My colleague was telling me that he has not much choice. He has a six month baby, Chinese speaking mother-in-law and an Indonesian maid. He is worried that soon he will not be able to write in English and may pee in his pants. Of course he cannot choose to apply the 5 minute rule, but he can have a nightly meeting with the 5 wise ghosts provided he does not find it too creepy.

His friends who average him down were removed from him when he was in jail. You don’t have to go to prison to join the Toastmasters Club. Grassroots Toastmasters Club will equally average you up. If you want, you can run for President too.

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