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Change brings opportunity and growth for Australia’s marine industry

The future appears bright for industry investment and participation across all marine and leisure sectors worldwide. Some are challenged by the currently very low value of the AUD$ - particularly against the USD$. This will of course assist exporters and hurt importers. Welcome to the new normal. The ability to now move around freely again is seeing business returning to previous levels of overseas travel, although many have adopted a softly softly approach and place more reliance on meeting online instead of being caught in the delays and other issues currently being experienced by international travellers. Business sentiment appears high, as does optimism, which in turn is being backed up by some very large and significant orders of Australian marine goods and services. On the commercial side, most large yards, repair and maintenance facilities are continuing to invest heavily in infrastructure and expansion plans to position themselves for anticipated increased output demand. Jobs growth is booming with the assistance of government subsidies and incentives. Most local large vessel manufacturers are putting in record breaking numbers of staff and apprentices to cope with the incoming and forecast work. AIMEX, along with allied organisations MIA and BIA has invested in the Marine Jobs portal, which is experiencing significant numbers of jobs and applicants. AIMEX has now commenced a new education and jobs resource, the positive results of which will be of great benefit to students, job seekers, apprentices and employers alike. Due to the current record-breaking low unemployment figures, we anticipate solid demand and growth for this initiative.

Publication Manager Jenny Cooper Design & Print Penguin Creative With travel restrictions reducing mobility in 2021/22, the waterways and the marine industry in general – especially the to be amongst the best in the world on so many marine fronts. This publication outlines many such success stories. much this past year and are poised for further and faster growth in the near to midterm future. Many award-winning, hardworking and clever companies are taking their products and services to the world, excelling at sales and generating much interest here and overseas filling order books solid for years to come. Supply chain issues are now the greatest chokehold on timely delivery. We are however proving that distance is no barrier to business and that Australia continues Locally, Austal has launched large commercial passenger fast ferries and has received several large new Defence contracts here and overseas with the quantity of newbuilds within the Defence sector expanding rapidly. NSW headquartered company Birdon has just landed a huge USCG multi-vessel build contract showing a true David and Goliath story. The Tasmanian Government’s RoPax Spirit of Tasmania vessels are in build in Finland and anticipated to be delivered during late ‘23 and ‘24. Hobart will host Interferry in November next year, bringing some 400 senior industry delegates from Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas, likely offering many opportunities to local companies. This year’s Interferry placed huge focus on electrification, foils, energy, emissions and much more. Some had an opportunity to experience silent, wake free, smooth, safe, efficient green water transport on foils on the featured state of the art Candela vessels. Many of our own companies have achieved

recreational sector, thrived. Boat sales, new and used, boomed. All of these purchased vessels require maintenance and work. Prices have soared. Waiting lists for work are increasingly lengthy. Some may say a good problem to have. Simple supply and demand in action. The recent changes we are all experiencing and have been exposed to are significant. With change comes opportunity. I sincerely hope that all member companies manage to embrace such change, to manage different and emerging working methodologies, to advance their thinking, to collaborate internationally and streamline their processes to recognise and fully capitalise on opportunities as they present themselves, proving and reinforcing the point that Australia has it all and remains at the forefront of design, manufacture, production and service and is well and truly open for global business. I wish you every success for a safe, happy and profitable year ahead.

Jeremy Spear | President Australian International Marine Export Group Director Spear Green Design

Cover Image XXXXXXXXXX Cover Image The Sentinel 1100 Image supplied courtesy of PFG Group

President Richard Chapman CEO David Good



PFG launches new member of The Sentinel family of seaboats

Together with One2three Naval Architects, advanced manufacturing experts PFG has developed The Sentinel range, a family of high-performance boats making innovative use of proven high-density polyethylene (HDPE) materials. Introducing: The Sentinel The Sentinel family is fully reconfigurable for a range of defence, security, and emergency use cases. “Their design has benefited from the extensive operational experience from PFG’s Defence Capability Advisory Committee, ensuring the vessels meet the sector’s uncompromising needs,” explains PFG CEO Robert Inches. Part of PFG’s Family of Sea Boats, The Sentinel 1100 is the most recent in the range. Specifically designed for elite defence As Australia continues to strengthen its sovereign defence capability and capacity, one local partnership has emerged as a leader in the design and manufacture of a new breed of tactical response vessels.

mounts and ammunition lockers, dive doors and more, in a choice of open deck, console or cabin layout. The Sentinel 830 is a slightly smaller watercraft, but with equal commitment to survivability, safety, and performance. Like its sister vessel, the Sentinel 830 is extremely stable with lowered risk of rollover or capsizing and has a fully customisable configuration. The Sentinel range also features PFG’s proven flood and marine rescue vessels. The Sentinel 540 and 650 are significantly more buoyant and stable than conventional boats, making them suitable for both

requirements, The Sentinel 1100 is more than a boat: it’s an integrated system. It can be fully networked with command-and- control frameworks for autonomous control. It features intelligent invigilation software, maximising safe and efficient operations. The Sentinel 1100 uses propellor-free jet propulsion for personnel safety, while dynamic positioning ensures precision manoeuvrability even at low speeds. It has a limited wake signature, a low profile, and low radar and magnetic signature attributes. Its highly configurable layout can be customised to include a drone launch and retrieval platform, integrated weapon



volunteer and expert teams. Their shallow draught and near-indestructible hull offers peace of mind while negotiating debris and submerged obstacles. Again, the Sentinel flood rescue vessels come in a range of configurations to suit different water rescue, recovery, and patient treatment needs. Common across the entire vessel range is HDPE’s unique duty of care properties. The combination of skilled design and HDPE’s shock-absorbing, vibration-dampening material means the vessels can achieve maximum speed with minimal personnel fatigue. What is HDPE? HDPE is a thermoplastic polymer. It outperforms alternative alloy or composite watercraft materials: • Personnel safety: superior impact and vibration absorption reducing personnel fatigue • Incredibly durable and impact-resistant • Positive buoyancy offering premium stability • No corrosion, electrolysis, or delamination, even with prolonged exposure to water, sunlight, or long storage periods • UV-stable and fouling-resistant • In-situ repairs with no hot works required • Lasts up to four times longer than alternative materials with comparable gross weight • Low carbon footprint and fully recyclable Extreme origins HDPE’s combination of safety, durability and performance made the vessels

perfect for emergency and defence use cases. The Sentinel range is a natural evolution from PFG and One2three’s decades of experience pioneering hardy HDPE products and workboats for harsh Southern Ocean fisheries. The company was born out of a need for environment-resisting fish pens for the then-developing 1980s Tasmanian salmon industry. Right from the beginning, PFG’s focus on reliability and quality has been unwavering. When products must withstand the elements – and workers come home safely – failure is simply not an option. Beyond workboats and fish farms, PFG has today grown to become the largest supplier of aquaculture and marine industry products in Australia. The award- winning company also produces solutions for industrial clients, including agriculture, mining, and civil works. “All along, PFG’s focus has always been on working with customers to understand and solve challenges, ensuring every product is fit-for-purpose,” says Mr Inches. “Bespoke

design and uncompromising quality are part of our DNA.” Strengthened sovereign capacity The evolution of this tried and tested material for defence, security and emergency applications adds momentum to an already exciting new era for Australia. “Our expanding national sovereign defence capabilities, including maximising Australian Industry Content are strengthened by the local ability to produce tactical vessels, bringing together the best of technology with our innate knowledge of Australian conditions,” explains Mr Inches. PFG’s next horizon is to further integrate autonomous technology and artificial intelligence, ensuring Australian-made vessels remain world-leaders in safety, performance, and intelligence. PFG is proud to be a supporter of Legacy, proud to be a Supporter of Veterans Employment and proud to be contributing to developing Australia’s defence capability. Images supplied courtesy of PFG Group



With over 70 years of combined expertise, Coursemaster Autopilots and HyDrive Engineering are taking Australian technology to the world. With over 70 years of combined expertise, Coursemaster Autopilots and HyDrive Engineering are taking Australian technology to the world. Horizon P136 – photo courtesy of Horizon Group With over 90 years of combined expertise, Coursemaster Autopilots and HyDrive Engineering are taking Australian technology to the world

As Australia’s largest exporter of hydraulic steering equipment, HyDrive systems suit all types of craft, from 5m to 150m. • Electronic steering, power steering, and complete electronic hydraulic systems • Largest range of manual hydraulic systems for outboards, sterndrives, inboards and jets • Custom designs for multi-hulls, power boats and yachts www.hydrive.com.au As Australia’s largest exporter of hydraulic steering equipment, HyDrive systems suit all types of craft, from 5m to 150m. • Electronic steering, power steering, and complete electronic hydraulic systems • Largest range of manual hydraulic systems for outboards, sterndrives, inboards and jets • Custom designs for multi-hulls, power boats and yachts www.hydrive.com.au

Tough, reliable, and backed by superior service, Coursemaster Autopilots are suitable for all types of power and sailing vessels, from 5m - 100m. • CM80i and CM82i autopilots for small powerboats with hydraulic steering • World-leading software technology • No rudder feedback required • Models designed for commercial, leisure and cruising around the world www.coursemaster.com Tough, reliable, and backed by superior service, Coursemaster Autopilots are suitable for all types of power and sailing vessels, from 5m - 100m. • CM80i and CM82i autopilots for small powerboats with hydraulic steering • World-leading software technology • No rudder feedback required • Models designed for commercial, leisure and cruising around the world www.coursemaster.com


Hydraulic Steering Hydraulic Steering

4 | 2023 AUSTRALIAN MARINE INDUSTRY DIRECTORY 2/66 Lower Gibbes Street Chatswood NSW 2067 Australia Phone +61 2 9417 7097 Fax +61 2 9417 7557 • HyDrive: sales@hydrive.com.au • Coursemaster: sales@coursemaster.com • UK Phone: +44 (0) 1725 511601 Email: scmsales@btconnect.com • USA Phone +1 718 383 4968 Email: hydriveusa@aol.com 2/66 Lower Gibbes Street Chatswood NSW 2067 Australia Phone +61 2 9417 7097 Fax +61 2 9417 7557 • HyDrive: sales@hydrive.com.au • Coursemaster: sales@coursemaster.com • UK Phone: +44 (0) 1725 511601 Email: scmsales@btconnect.com • USA Phone +1 718 383 4968 Email: hydriveusa@aol.com 2/66 Lower Gibbes Street Chatswood NSW 2067 Australia Phone +61 2 9417 7097 Fax +61 2 9417 7557 • HyDrive: sales@hydrive.com.au • Coursemaster: sales@coursemaster.com • UK Phone: +44 (0) 1725 511601 Email: scmsales@btconnect.com • USA Phone +1 718 383 0202 2/66 Lower Gibbes Street Chatswood NSW 2067 Australia Phone +61 2 9417 7097 • UK Phone: +44 (0) 1725 511601 Email: scmsales@btconnect.com • USA Phone +1 917 215 8513


Expansion continues for Australia’s Riviera

The year 2022 marks 10 years under the stewardship of Rodney Longhurst and 42 years of continuous operation for Riviera, Australia’s premium luxury motor yacht builder. Today Riviera proudly operates the largest motor yacht manufacturing facility not only in Australia but in the southern hemisphere.

“The combination of continued advances of our innovative designs and available technology have resulted in simply the best motor yachts ever produced by Riviera,” says Mr Longhurst. “We are driven by a desire to continually advance the design and luxury of today’s Riviera motor yachts and we are creating exceptional new models that are being introduced to the Riviera line-up. “In 2022 we will build around 150 yachts destined for owners in Australia and around the world. “Through 42 years of evolution and the ongoing development of our people and our facilities, Riviera today stands at the forefront of motor yacht development.” The Riviera on-site team continues to grow, too. From 600 just two years ago, more than 900 craftspeople now work together building world-class yachts. Riviera has also embarked on a national and international recruitment drive, seeking the best skills and people from

around the world to assist in growing production volume in line with the company’s quality ethos. Riviera Collection Offers Increasing Diversity The excellence that is Riviera can be seen across the 24-model range of Motor Yachts, Sports Motor Yachts, Sport Yachts, SUVs

and Flybridge models from 39 to 78 feet. Riviera has now launched more than 5,800 motor yachts since 1980 and, through continued refinement of design and engineering, the Rivieras of today are the most sophisticated ever produced. The company captivated the luxury boating world with the launch before an excited group of owners at a spectacular







ceremony in March of its majestic new flagship 78 Motor Yacht. She is a new class of yacht for Riviera, delivering the perfect combination of family cruising, entertaining and blue-water passage- making capabilities, all in ultimate luxury and exceptional comfort. Riviera then premiered the sophisticated and innovative 4600 Sport Yacht Platinum Edition and the brilliant 465 SUV at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show in May. The 4600 Sport Yacht Platinum Edition is an outstanding example of innovation, luxury and inspiring spaces. She provides her owners with magnificent accommodation with three staterooms including a full-beam master amidships. The 465 SUV, the seventh in this line-up, offers a covered alfresco deck that expands the saloon living space, three double staterooms, two generous bathrooms and multiple entertaining spaces in a sub-fifty- foot yacht. At the end of the year, Riviera will launch a further spectacular new yacht that will premiere at Miami International Boat Show in 2023. Riviera has also offered boating enthusiasts around the world an opportunity to tour the company’s sophisticated facility and inspect many of these models through its spectacular displays and premieres at boat shows from Sanctuary Cove to Cannes and Fort Lauderdale. Design and development of a series of new models to be launched in 2023 and beyond is now well advanced, further enhancing the collection and broadening worldwide appeal. Respected International Reputation Three in five luxury yachts that are produced at Riviera’s Gold Coast facility are now

exported to points around the globe through a dedicated representative network of dealerships spanning Australasia, Asia, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East. Riviera continues to expand this network, welcoming representatives in Panama and Croatia during 2022. Reflecting this position, Riviera was honoured in the 2021 Premier of Queensland Export Awards, winning the ‘Manufacturing and Advanced Materials Award’ category. The United States is Riviera’s largest international market serviced by an extensive network of dealer representatives as well as the Riviera of the America’s team based in Florida with service and parts specialists and warehouse facilities. The popularity of Riviera in the Americas has never been stronger. “It is a great sense of pride for our whole team that Riviera motor yachts are so sought after and respected internationally,” says Mr Longhurst. “We are extremely proud of the significant demand for our motor yachts globally, even through the worst of the pandemic, with the demand rising, we have been able to continue building world-class luxury motor yachts, while ensuring the safety of our team at our Coomera facility.” Developing Life Changing Skills Riviera’s highly regarded and awarded apprentice program continues to attract a greater number of future master

craftspeople, eager for a career with Australia’s premium motor yacht builder. More than 100 of Riviera’s 900-strong team are apprentices. Each year, students, teachers and families from schools around south-east Queensland are invited to an evening information session and site tour to learn about career opportunities with Riviera. Those who express a desire to excel are offered work experience in Year 11, which may be followed by a school-based apprenticeship in Year 12. Apprentices are mentored by many of the finest master boatbuilders who make up the Riviera team. Rodney Longhurst, who is also a TAFE- graduate carpenter and joiner, said the training program develops life-long skills in craftsmanship excellence, qualities for which Riviera is internationally respected. “We know that, to build world-class luxury motor yachts, we must train and create world-class craftspeople,” he says. “As we welcome each new generation of master boatbuilders to our industry, we proudly acknowledge that they receive high quality training from our exceptional team. At Riviera, we offer so much more than an apprenticeship. “The success of our apprenticeship program since 1993 has been recognised with many awards and our excellent high


• • • •

10 year housing warranty 3 year internals warranty High-Tech polymer housing Internally serviceable and upgradeable without haul-out



Riviera Continues To Upgrade Facilities The first stage of a $10 million five-year expansion program at Riviera’s state-of-the- art manufacturing facility is almost complete. When the current scheduled works are completed, the facility will cover 48,432 square metres (521,321 square feet) of production space under roof including specialist covered on-water facilities. Current buildings are being expanded to be higher and deeper to accommodate larger models. In September a new high-tech Lamination Centre was commissioned. It is the largest and most advanced building within the Riviera precinct, affirming its dedication to high-quality manufacturing. The Centre has significantly expanded Riviera’s existing boatbuilding work area, providing a temperature-controlled environment to enhance the lamination process while also adding to the personal comfort of staff. It also delivers additional spray-painting booths and fibreglass cutting bays as well as a new dedicated resin-infusion area where the team employs the latest technology to produce high quality composites for the building of decks, hardtops and boarding platforms. The already impressive final fitout facility has been enlarged to incorporate the build of the Sports Motor Yacht and Motor Yacht lines. The facility utilised to prepare motor yachts for export and shipping has also been extended and fully enclosed to provide all- weather protection and to allow additional yacht painting capacity. A new 100-tonne travelift transporter has been commissioned to facilitate

number of long-term team members affirm Riviera as an employer of choice. Indeed, our apprentices are consistently recognised as leaders in their trades. “Nine out of 10 of our apprentices have continued their careers at Riviera and today are all vital members of our team helping to meet the global demand for our luxury motor yachts.” Riviera apprentices are offered a far broader and more valuable skills base. During their training, they are rotated through all areas of the business relevant to their trade whilst being mentored by many different master craftspeople, to become specialists in their chosen field and ensure all trade qualifications are exceeded. Propelling Forward Lives And Careers Riviera’s Safety and Training Manager, Adam Houlahan, says the apprenticeship program is designed to optimise both the career potential and personal growth of each participant. “In addition to apprentice training, we have developed the Riviera Propel Program, which covers both workplace and life skills and is a pathway to personal excellence,” he says. “This aspect of their training is about developing fine young Australians equally as skilled tradespeople. We build confidence, people skills, financial maturity, and goal setting under the mentorship of key Riviera staff including Rodney Longhurst and CEO Wes Moxey. “Outstanding apprentices are recognised with opportunities to travel nationally and internationally to work on our motor yachts and represent the company at major boat shows.”

the expedient movements of yachts throughout the site. Efficiency gains are being made through the expansion of the warehouse and the implementation of bar-coding as part of the individual yacht kitting process. The timber department is also being expanded with additional laser CNC machines. A total of 11 new machines are now operating in the timber and the digital kitting departments. A new warehouse facility, which will house all timber and digital kitting materials, is under construction opposite the newly consolidated timber and kitting departments. Expansion and improvement is being undertaken on water too. Major works are nearing completion to the Riviera 51-berth marina for production and aftermarket yachts. With continuing new model development, total commitment to enhancing the skills of its people, a widening international representation and enhanced facilities to provide the resources the team needs to constantly improve quality, the future for the entire team is very bright.

Images supplied courtesy of Riviera



Spear Green Design delivers successful design projects worldwide

Spear Green Design (SGD), a Sydney-based marine design consultancy specialising in the design, specification and documentation of private and commercial passenger vessels for new-build and refit projects worldwide, was awarded the ‘2022 Commercial Marine Project / Design or Manufacturer of the Year’ at the Australian Marine Industry Awards, held in Queensland in May.

The company was awarded the top position for their impressive work for several new vessels which will service the Isles of Scilly and the design of the marine interior for a fleet of 12 new-build commercial vessels to service windfarms in Asia and Europe. In 2021, Spear Green Design was selected to partner with UK based vessel designers and naval architects BMT, to work with Isles of Scilly Steamship Group of UK to design, specify and document the marine interiors for new vessels to service the Isles of Scilly. The work undertaken by SGD was instrumental in the client gaining UK Government funding to assist with the project. SGD also partnered with BMT (UK) during the same year to work with Strategic Marine from Singapore to design, specify and document the marine interiors for a fleet of 12 new-build vessels to service wind farms in SE Asia and Europe. SGD is in demand worldwide and has recently been engaged for projects in Spain, Germany, Singapore, Indonesia, USA, Saudi Arabia and Australia. This demand can in part be attributed to

its unique and fresh way of thinking, blending naval architecture with engineering and superior design, to deliver high quality fresh ideas and results

Spear Green Design’s core strengths and expertise include Code Compliance as well as Lightweight Fitout to produce elegant, functional, practical and beautiful marine interiors for private and commercial vessels, with current trend led, efficient and attention-grabbing exterior styling. SGD is understood to be unique in this field, being one of a very few pure marine interior design consultancies worldwide who specialises in fast ferries and is probably the most technical, winning projects from around the globe. Considerable further testament to SGD’s capability is demonstrated by almost every shipyard who has teamed with SGD for tenders for newbuild projects over the last 24 months have won their bids. SGD’s work engages customers on an emotional level, which invariably leads to competitive bids being won by tendering shipyards. SGD is big on technical detailing and materials, ensuring that successful projects from over 36 countries to date have been delivered effectively.

in a competitive marketplace. The company offers specialised

marine services including specialised marine interior design, exterior vessel styling, project management, design documentation and naval architecture. In addition to these services, SGD also provides computer aided design and realistic 3D modelling, animation and visualisation for marine projects globally, including cruise ships, fast ferries, commercial passenger vessels, production vessels, paramilitary vessels, private and charter yachts. Spear Green Design also has recently concentrated more focus to marketing via video clips and VR Imagery, allowing clients to “walk around” inside conceptual vessel interiors during the early design stages of a project. This came to the fore during Covid-19 with targeted marketing by vessel type achieved through the fast compilation of video animation clips.

Images supplied courtesy of Spear Green Design





With almost 75 years of boat manufacturing behind them, you can’t help but recognise Steber International is operating under a great business model. Established in 1946 in Sydney building clinker style

waste minimisation, reduce energy consumption and reduce effects on the environment. These initiatives have been recognised by the NSW

offering an almost endless variety of custom fit-out options reflecting the company’s ‘can do’ attitude”, he said. With this “can do” attitude over the past 12 months, Steber’s has seen projects in unmanned surface vessels, marine countermeasures, marine rescue vessels, fisheries research vessels as well as recreational craft.

Enter the 2023 Australian Marine Industry Awards Applications open in December 2022 The Australian Marine Industry Awards recognise the achievements of three major industries within the marine sector: MARINE EXPORT • SUPERYACHTS • COMMERCIAL MARINE Showcase your 2022 industry achievements and business wins to both the Australian and international markets For more information please contact David Good: dgood@aimex.asn.au runabouts, the family-owned company now operates from a modern, four-acre factory complex in Taree with export success built around customisation. Over 50 vessels have been exported to date, with customers coming from Dubai, Singapore, Seychelles, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Oman and Mauritius. Innovation through research and development has helped the business re-invent itself over the years, producing an electric hybrid prototype and stainless steel equipment to sterilise for Covid-19 and other airborne bacteria in a wide range of settings. The installation of a CNC router and establishment of an in-house design team, has led to numerous design improvements. Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water by being announced a Silver Partner in the Sustainability Program. Overseas doors will continue to open with this energetic and vibrant company called Steber International. Visit steber.com.au

“We continue to look for opportunities to establish new distributorships across emerging Asian markets and the South Pacific islands in particular” says managing director, Alan Steber. “Steber manufactures fibreglass commercial and recreational boats ranging in size from 20ft to 65ft,

The SSS Bluebottle project, an unmanned surface vessel with huge security and scientific potential, has created plenty of interest in Defence circles. Steber is committed to sustainability and has developed business systems and operational practices that support


Diversification in uncertain times

Constantly refreshing the business is a cornerstone of Steber International’s ongoing success as a leading Australian boat manufacturer. Managing Director, Alan Steber has been driving diversification and modernisation of manufacturing practices to maximise growth opportunities in these uncertain times.

Prime examples include establishing a small component assembly line; ramping up R&D into electric and hydrogen powered boats; and upgrading manufacturing and accounting software. Work on the $200,000 assembly line started earlier this year and will be fully operational early in December. Being built under the Regional Job Creation Fund program on a dollar-for-dollar basis the project will generate five full-time jobs over time. “Key projects that will use the new assembly line include the Sea Devil range of boats for Northern Beaches Marine and the Zodiac RHIB swift response craft.” Mr Steber said. “In addition the line will be used to produce small fibreglass components for our larger vessel builds.” “The aim is to improve workflow for both smaller and larger builds by introducing this new assembly line, as well allowing us to take on more contract work.” he added. Buoyed by the success in recent years of its electric hybrid program, Steber has also moved into researching hydrogen- powered boats. The initial project based on a 22ft electric /diesel hybrid was a collaborative effort involving Steber, Ampcontrol and the University

of Newcastle. Modelling has since been undertaken testing foil design and a full size 40ft hybrid vessel is now under construction to provide a further test bed. The third phase of the current business development upgrade involves the introduction of Tidy Enterprise manufacturing software, linked to a Xero accounting package. This project is helping streamline manufacturing in particular labour and material allocation on specific major builds and smaller jobs and refits. “Staff use tablets on a daily basis to log hours to specific tasks on specific projects,” said Mr Steber. “So it’s a great tool to manage workflow and improve efficiencies in a tight market.” Established in 1946 in Sydney building clinker style runabouts, the family-owned company now operates from a modern, four-acre factory complex in Taree with export success built around customisation. Over 50 vessels have been exported to date, with customers coming from Dubai, Singapore, Seychelles, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Oman and Mauritius. “We continue to look for opportunities to establish new distributorships across emerging Asian markets and the South

Pacific islands in particular.” said Mr Steber. “Steber manufactures fibreglass commercial and recreational boats ranging in size from 20ft to 65ft, offering an almost endless variety of custom fit-out options reflecting the company’s ‘can do’ attitude.” he added. Steber International is committed to sustainability and has developed business systems and operational practices that support waste minimisation, reduce energy consumption and reduce effects on the environment. As an energetic and vibrant company, Steber International will continue to open overseas doors and establish new markets. Visit steber.com.au

Images supplied courtesy of Steber International




46th ANNUAL INTERFERRY CONFERENCE SEATTLE • OCTOBER 1-5, 2022 • BELL HARBOR INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE CENTER Engaging Youth in a Maritime Career Workforce Outlook and Trends Dual Course of Study The Cruise Industry – A Parallel Universe Regulatory Update: IMO/EU and LASH FIRE Bridging the Gap through Automation Vessel Project Features 1 & 2 Environmental Certifications for Ferry Operators Black Sea Operations Ferry Leaders Panel Making Onshore Power Supply a Reality Fueling the Future Propelling Efficiency Leading the Charge – Batteries Innovators Panel SPEAKERS PROGRAM


Thank you to all the speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and attendees who helped make the 46th Annual Interferry Conference a success.






14 | 2023 AUSTRALIAN MARINE INDUSTRY DIRECTORY InterferryConference.com







“On behalf of Spirit of Tasmania, I look forward to welcoming you to Hobart, Tasmania in November 2023 for the 47th Annual Interferry Conference.” Bernard Dwyer, Chief Executive Officer / Managing Director, Spirit of Tasmania “The Interferry Conference will provide many significant opportunities for established Australian businesses engaged in the ferry sector of the commercial passenger and freight marine industry.” Jeremy Spear Spear Green Design / AIMEX









15 - 16 - 17 NOVEMBER 2023 RAI AMSTERDAM

The METSTRADE Show is the world’s largest marine equipment trade show and the only truly international B2B exhibition. With excellent networking opportunities, a broad range of showcased innovations and located in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the METSTRADE Show is an unmissable event for every professional in the marine industry.









Jasmine Willoughby, Aus Ships

Winning apprentices attend METSTRADE

Robert Smith, Superior Jetties Blake Frazer, Onboard Engineering

Each year, the Australian Marine Industry Awards recognises the innovation, creativity, and craftsmanship of some of Australia’s most successful marine businesses. The awards, organised and hosted by the Australian International Marine Export Group (AIMEX) cover categories for the superyacht, commercial marine and marine export sectors of the industry, but the newest award – the Marine Industry Apprentice Award – is proving equally as popular for entries as businesses recruit, train and support their new team members embarking upon a career in the Australian marine industry.

into the Superyacht Welding Program designed to be an introductory course providing core skills for working in the marine industry fabrication and welding areas. Jasmine has continued to develop her experience and skills and has gained a better appreciation of other aspects including the design phase, continuing to increase her exposure to other trade expertise. The ‘2021 Marine Industry Apprentice of the Year’ winner Robert Smith, joined Superior Jetties after working in the construction industry. Having dedicated himself to learning and constantly applying himself, Robert was able to fast-track his training and completed his course mid- 2020. He now has the ability to undertake entire jobs competently and accurately from start to finish including interpreting drawings, fabrication / construction and installation working on some of the largest jobs Superior Jetties has completed. Robert held the position of Boilermaker / Welder at the time of his award win. Blake Frazer from Onboard Engineering won the ‘2022 Marine Apprentice of the Year’. He started out as a marina attendant at the Royal Motor Yacht Club Port Hacking. Blake then progressed to gain further experience in the marine industry working at Onboard Engineering which led to an apprenticeship. Blake is currently a third year Mobile Plant Mechanic and also works as a casual deckhand on a superyacht.

Introduced in 2020 the ‘Apprentice of the Year’ winners will each receive complimentary return flights and accommodation to Amsterdam to attend METSTRADE 2022, the world’s largest marine equipment, materials, and systems trade exhibition. This highly sought-after accolade offers the trip of a lifetime for any young apprentice and will allow them to experience the marine industry internationally and boost their career from a global perspective. Due to restricted travel over the past two years, the 2022 Award Winner Blake Frazer from Onboard Engineering will be accompanied by the 2020 and 2021 award winners, Jasmine Willoughby from Aus Ships and Robert Smith from Superior Jetties, respectively. Attending METSTRADE 2022 promises to be a huge eye-opener for these three young apprentices exposing them to

the global leisure marine industry over three program-packed days with more than 1300 exhibitors on show across the twenty-seven pavilions. David Good, CEO of AIMEX, said, “This is a huge opportunity for young future industry leaders to attend METSTRADE alongside Australia’s most successful marine exporters as part of the Australian Pavilion. This experience will encourage them to continue to strive for excellence within the international marine industry and will be an experience they remember for their entire career.” In 2020 Jasmine Willoughby became the very first winner of the new ‘Marine Industry Apprentice of the Year’ award. Before joining the marine industry, Jasmine completed a Biomedical Science degree from Griffith University. It was while she was working as a pharmacy assistant, she applied and was accepted


Echo Marine Group is a West Australian owned and operated marine solutions provider specialising in medium - large scale custom shipbuilding, refit, maintenance and module fabrication projects. Boasting a multi-discipline in-house project management, design and manufacturing workforce, Echo Marine Group is a proven partner delivering innovative high quality luxury, commercial and defence shipbuilding, components manufacture and vessel sustainment services. Echo Marine Group is also the Australian distributor and installation specialist for Tefroka marine flooring systems.

Custom shipbuilding design, manufacture and sustainment:

Luxury Superyachts, Commercial and Defence vessels Monohull, Catamaran and Trimaran hull types Aluminium, Steel and Composite build materials

- Multi-discipline in-house design and trades teams - Project management, Naval architecture, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and Fitout design - Fabrication, Engineering, HVAC, Electrical, Interior and Exterior Fitout, Painting - Vessel dockings <12,000t including Slipway, Synchrolift and Floating Dock options - Large fully enclosed shipbuilding / maintenance / re-painting halls for vessels <100m LOA - Hardstand and Wet Berth options

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INDO PACIFIC 2022 hits record attendance The INDO PACIFIC 2022 International Maritime Exposition featured the largest exhibitor turnout in the event’s 20-year history. It is believed to be the largest defence industry event ever held in Australia, after a record 736 participating exhibitor companies presented at the event at Sydney’s International Convention Centre in Darling Harbour from 10-12 May 2022.

INDO PACIFIC 2022 featured more than 25,000 visitor attendances across the three days it was held. The 736 participating exhibitor companies from 23 countries was a 12% increase on 2019 and the largest number of participating companies in the history of any AMDA Foundation event. The exhibition space was 11% larger than the previous record set in 2019 and over 70 conferences, symposia and presentations were held, including the Royal Australian Navy’s Sea Power Conference, King-Hall Naval History Conference and Sailors’ Forum. There were also 115 official defence, industry, academic and government delegations; 20 industry sponsors and more than 40 nations represented, with 39 Chief of Navy Counterparts (or their representative) from around the world. The INDO PACIFIC International Maritime Exposition is the region’s premier commercial maritime and naval defence exposition, connecting Australian and international defence, industry, government, academia and technology leaders, in the national interest. The three-day event is a platform for engagement and incorporates an international industry exhibition, specialist conference program featuring presentations and symposia from leading

maritime institutions and networking opportunities. It is also strongly supported by the Royal Australian Navy, Australian Government Department of Defence and the New South Wales State Government. The INDO PACIFIC 2022 Conference Program covered a range of topics from the spectrum of opportunities and issues currently facing the maritime industry, academia and government within Australian and the Indo Pacific region, including shipbuilding and sustainment, nuclear technology, autonomous drone use in the maritime sphere, emergency response and many more. Exhibiting at INDO PACIFIC 2022 were AIMEX members AMI Group, Austal, BtB Marine, Commercial ROV, Doen WaterJets, Echo Marine Group, GME, Luerssen Australia, Marine Air Flow International, Penske Australia + New Zealand, PFG Group, Pyrotek, Queensland Government, Royal HaskoningDHV, Sydney City Marine, The Whiskey Project Group, Tropical Reef Shipyard, VEEM Ltd, Volvo Penta Australia, Wayout Evacuation Systems. At the conclusion of all three days, industry exhibitors, delegates and trade visitors came together to network and celebrate a successful day of business at the daily networking functions. Networking Function sponsors for 2022 were ANZ, BAE Systems and Kyndryl.

Justin Giddings, CEO of INDO PACIFIC 2022 organiser AMDA Foundation, said INDO PACIFIC 2022 comprehensively achieved its goal of bringing the maritime and defence communities together. “This was my first INDO PACIFIC, and it was overwhelming to see the support of not only Navy, but also the exhibitors, sponsors and visitors.” Mr Giddings said. “From Day One there were a hum of activity in the halls that continued for the entire event. INDO PACIFIC was delayed from 2021 because of COVID, and it was clear that industry is very happy to be talking face-to-face again, so the vibe on the floor was electric. “We thank the Royal Australian Navy for its commitment and engagement with INDO PACIFIC 2022, and for its service to the nation. “I must also acknowledge the tireless efforts of the AMDA Foundation staff in putting this very complex and professional event together. “Set for 7-9 November next year, INDO PACIFIC 2023 will return the event to its traditional schedule, and although that is only 18 months away, we hope that everyone will be back next year for an equally successful event.”

Images courtesy of INDO PACIFIC 2022 & AIMEX



Australia’s leading marine casting manufacturer has a new name

For many years, P & W Marine, Cameron Engineering and Fieldings Foundry co-existed in their Brisbane workshop. Then in 2019, owner and CEO Ross Cameron took the opportunity to unify his stable of companies by rebranding them with a common business name and identity. The outcome, Ingot Foundry, Ingot Engineering and Ingot Marine. Now Managing Director, Cameron said “Our foundry, marine and engineering businesses had so much in common. Looking to the future, I really wanted our staff and customers to recognize this and see us as the great team that we are.” Manufacturing High Quality Underwater Propulsion Systems for over 40 years Ingot Marine, an Australian owned and operated business, has been Australia’s largest manufacturer of underwater propulsion systems since 1978. With a hard-earned reputation as the one-stop- shop for total underwater propulsion systems, Ingot Marine is far more than just marine engineers with the potential to produce and supply all the elements for both leisure and commercial craft. In a totally unique arrangement, working with sister companies Ingot Foundry and Ingot Engineering, the team at Ingot can create quality castings and machine them into precision parts. Skilled moulders at Ingot Foundry produce custom castings in aluminium, bronze and gunmetal using induction furnaces to ensure alloy quality. The modern workshop at Ingot Engineering is equipped with CNC lathes and three

axis machining centres, turning the raw castings into high quality precision parts. Naturally, their welders are certified to meet Lloyds, DNV and Bureau Veritas standards. Distributors of Teignbridge Propellors in Australia Ingot Marine is the authorised distributors for Teignbridge Propellors in Australia. By using a combination of specialist computer software and the wealth of experience the company has gained over the past 40 years, Ingot has the expertise to provide customers with the Teignbridge Propellor that will deliver the optimum performance for their vessel. Changing propellor blades was never easier The Teignbridge Clamp on Blade (CoB) propeller is an innovative, replaceable blade propeller designed for operational flexibility and maximum hydrodynamic efficiency. It reduces emissions and saves fuel providing a rapid return on investment for the customer. Shop Online at Ingot Marine The comprehensive Ingot Marine Online Shop allows you to purchase all the components of your underwater propulsion systems from the comfort of your own home. Propellers, rudders, skegs, stern tubes, shafts and couplings, water strainers, anodes, bollards, cleats, deck hatches and more are available at www.ingot.net.au Check out the comprehensive range of parts and accessories available at Ingot Marine today. Manufacturing Velocity Aligned Rudders Otherwise known as “twisted rudders” VAR’s were initially introduced to delay the onset of cavitation erosion damage on rudders

and ultimately reduce the periodic repair costs of eroded rudders. A ‘velocity aligned rudder’ takes advantage of cross flow velocity components in the propellor wake by careful design of blade sections to distribute the pressure more evenly on the surface of the rudder and reduce the impact of negative pressure concentration near the leading edge of a conventional straight rudder. “Sea trials of our velocity aligned rudder on a sports yacht showed an increase on boat speed by 0.7 knot at maximum engine speed. It is also expected that the noise and vibration from a VAR rudder will be reduced.” says Cameron. “Give us a call if you’d like to know more about velocity aligned rudders.” he added. A unique offering with customer first approach to service. Cameron sums up the Ingot approach to customer service saying “We are on a crusade to supply the best quality, design and manufactured shaft line to all vessels on the water at the most cost-effective price. Team INGOT is a unique united team that pride themselves with great service and a smile.” Contact the friendly team at Ingot Marine on 61 7 3390-5588, or via email at marinesales@ingot.net.au.



Retrofitting to electric has worldwide potential

This has sparked the interest of an international development fund, which is underwriting an Eclass Marine electric retrofitting project in Africa. By choosing to electrify existing 2 and 4 stroke outboard casings and jet ski hulls, Eclass Marine has developed a product which is suitable for in-country retrofitting all around the world. And this provides a solution for developing countries.

The funders recognised that developing countries are dependent on petrol outboards for fishing and tourism. They understood there are many suitable casings already in the country and retrofitting them to electric, not only provides huge carbon savings but also prevents those casings being dumped in land or sea. These casings still contain oil and fuel remnants, so their dumping is a serious environmental hazard. This follows Eclass Marine’s presentation to the Pacific Traditional Boat Builders Forum, which led to multiple enquiries from the Pacific countries, Asia and South America, who all have similar issues, and a deep commitment to climate change programs. It is not uncommon for broken outboard engines to be rotting on beaches and retrofitting is a

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solution which has captured attention in these countries. Tough Electric Outboards for Tough Conditions

New two stroke engines have been banned for sale in Australia, the US and other developed countries but are a scourge in poorer countries. Reports have estimated that two-stroke engines were, by themselves, a major source of air pollution and pollution-related health problems throughout Asia. Although two stroke engines are banned from sale in Australia, we estimate there are still around 500,000 two stroke outboards operating in Australia. Eclass Marine have always wanted to provide an electric solution for those two stroke casings and to also produce tough outboards for Australian conditions. Again, this is a suitable solution adaptable for many countries. Australian conditions are often remote, which makes part replacement tricky on electric outboards with a fully proprietary design. Eclass Marine recognised that by using Yamaha, Mercury, Tohatsu casings, that outboard parts, propellers and accessories would be readily available – even in the most remote parts of the world. For example, in places like the Northern Territory of Australia, your remote


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