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THE STORY OF FL INT ’S F INEST BASKETBAL L CLUB Inspiring Success M y first semester of college at the University of Michigan-Flint was one of my life’s biggest challenges. I struggled with time management in addition to being overwhelmed by a new schedule and “This year-round basketball league is dedicated to promoting positive values like

massive workload. As much as I wanted to succeed, it felt like I was destined to fail as I fell more and more behind with my work. I’m not sure I could have made it were it not for a professor in the chemistry department by the name of Dr. Robert Stack. Before coming to Michigan, Stack taught at Stanford University, which was a big deal on campus. When he learned of my struggles, we worked to create a plan of action. We arranged my schedule to meet requirements of my major and allow for the greatest success. His guidance ultimately enabled me to be successful and get into the physical therapy program. This man’s willingness to help a struggling student stuck with me, and I have always aimed to return the favor to another young person in need of guidance. Nine years ago, I founded the nonprofit Flint’s Finest Basketball Club. This year-round basketball league is dedicated to promoting positive values like discipline, commitment, leadership, and integrity in the youth of the Flint community. I’ve always loved basketball. In high school, I never played for the school during the season, but I would play during the summer. There’s nothing I enjoyed more than playing basketball in three-on-three tournaments and at the downtown Y.M.C.A.

discipline, commitment, leadership, and integrity in the youth of the Flint community.”

When I made plans to create an opportunity to give back to the Flint community, basketball was the logical avenue. I really enjoy coaching youth basketball, and I see it as a way to mentor young people and encourage them to go to college. Organized sports are a great way to build kids’ self-esteem and teach them important life skills, like teamwork and perseverance. We started with just one team, and each year we’ve grown. Now, we have five teams, with players ranging from third grade to 10th grade. It was never my intention to become a huge program, but I’m grateful for the opportunity to help so many young athletes learn to better themselves. Plus, I don’t have to do it all alone. We have a number of amazing donors who help make it possible for all our athletes to participate every year. A big thank you to Looby Baumgarten P.C., Young Owosso, Moneyball Sportswear, and Kroger for supporting Flint’s Finest Basketball Club. I believe those who have achieved success in their lives have a responsibility to lead their community by example. There’s a need for strong role models, and I know from personal experience how valuable a role model can be. If you are interested in giving back to the community through coaching, or if you know an athlete who wants to come out and play, feel free to visit flintsfinestbasketball.org for more information about the club. Coaching and managing Flint’s Finest Basketball Club is a humbling experience, and I’m proud to do what I can for these kids.

-Dr. Jerome Adams



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Unique Hot Chocolate Recipes You Need to Try

Raspberry Hot Chocolate Tired of the dreary, gray winter weather? Is sounds like you could use a dash of sweet pink! Real raspberry puree gives this drink a much-needed burst of fruity delight, especially when you swap out the usual milk chocolate with creamy white chocolate. Toss a few raspberries on top, and you’re sure to be enchanted by the colors and the flavor. Check out the recipe at sugarhero.com/raspberry-white-hot- chocolate/. Frozen Hot Chocolate If your winter wonderland view is less than snowy, you might be craving a cooler hot chocolate beverage. It’s your standard hot chocolate recipe, but it replaces the pot and stove with some ice and a blender! Yes, you can still top it with whipped cream and sprinkles. Find the full recipe at centercutcook.com/frozen-hot-chocolate/. Whether you’re a casual cocoa drinker or a true chocolate connoisseur, there’s an incredible recipe waiting for you. The best part? You can keep trying different hot chocolates until you find your new favorite.

’Tis the season for hot beverages! Sure, Americans love coffee all year long, but as the holidays roll around, hot chocolate sales boom. There’s something satisfying about sweet, rich chocolate topped with whipped cream and

marshmallows. It’s a classic combination, but who says the classics can’t be updated? Broaden your hot chocolate horizons this holiday season with some truly unique recipes! Aztec Hot Chocolate This spicy drink pays homage to those original

chocoholics, the Aztecs. Cacao beans are native to Mesoamerica, and the ancient Aztec loved to grind the beans and serve them in a bitter, frothy liquid. In this recipe, dark chocolate, chili pepper, and cinnamon blend into a rich treat, but you’ll also have access to a couple ingredients the Aztecs didn’t have: sugar and milk. Learn how to make the perfect winter drink at theendlessmeal.com/spicy-aztec- hot-chocolate.

What It Takes to Be a Step Above TEST IMONIALS

“Besides having an awesome staff and being one of the cleanest facilities I’ve been in, they have given me the best experience I’ve ever had in any PT office, hands down. The work was hard, but the results were amazing!” –Robert Stokes

“Dr. Adams was the first physical therapist who was able to diagnose my back conditions. As a 19-year-old who was

told the next step in treating my condition was burning off my nerve endings, I am forever

grateful that I was sent here to be cared for by Dr. Adams and his wonderful staff. P.S. Ron, I could beat you in ladders any day! Thank you guys again for everything!” –Linda Bedwell

“Dr. Adams is very passionate about his work, patients, and their progress. His staff is very professional. We get right in, and we never wait. Dr. Adams and his staff are very attentive. It has been a wonderful experience. If you’re looking for therapy, this is definitely the place to come.” –Monica Holmes



WHEN IGNORANCE ISN’T BLISS 4 Common Myths About Treating Physical Pain Over 100 million Americans experience chronic pain every year. For something so common, most people have little understanding of how to treat their own pain. With misinformation running rampant, here are

back problems, and you get an MRI of their backs, a third of them are going to have abnormal MRIs,” reports Dr. Jeffrey Goldstein, medical director at the New York University Hospital for Joint Diseases. X-rays and MRIs are one piece of the puzzle. Physical therapists use the results of these scans alongside findings from their evaluation to create a treatment plan. Myth: All physical therapy clinics are the same FACT: Physical therapy clinics are as different as the physical therapists who run them. At Horizon PT, Dr. Jerome Adams provides cutting-edge technology in diagnosis and treatment of his patient’s musculoskeletal pain, thanks to extensive education from the MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine, McKenzie Institute, and other reputable learning facilities. It is vital you investigate the credentials of the treating staff in any facility to ensure you will receive the best possible care. Ignorance may be bliss, but when it comes to chronic pain, what you don’t know can hurt you. Stay informed, and don’t let these misconceptions cause you more pain.

Christmas Morning CRANBERRY SCONES Myth: Treatments should be based on X-rays and MRIs. FACT: “If you take 100 patients who are middle-aged who have no just a few common myths about pain that might be hurting you. Myth: Bed rest will heal the problem causing my pain. FACT: Rest from physical activities should require no more than 48 hours. If your pain lasts longer than two days, continuing to abstain from physical activity can result in a substantial loss of lower extremity strength, power, and aerobic capacity. Myth: With time, my pain will go away on its own. FACT: Pain is a symptom letting you know something is wrong with your body. If you do not determine the cause of your pain right away, you can do nothing to correct it. Waiting for weeks, months, or even years for the pain to just “go away” only makes the situation worse and can ultimately lead to expensive surgery.

Have a Laugh

If the presents under the tree aren’t enough to get the kids out of bed Christmas morning, these sweet scones will definitely do the trick.


• 3 cups flour • 1 tablespoon baking powder • 1/2 teaspoon salt • 1⁄3 cup granulated sugar • 1 tablespoon orange zest

• 1/2 cup unsalted butter, cut into cubes • 3/4 cup half-and-half • 2 eggs • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract • 1 cup cranberries


1. Preheat oven to 425 F. Line baking sheet with parchment paper. 2. In a large bowl, whisk together flour, baking powder, and salt. Rub sugar and orange zest together by hand before adding them to the mixture. 3. Cut butter cubes into mixture by hand. Mix until butter chunks are pea-sized.

dry ingredients and mix with spatula. Stir in cranberries, then knead on a floured countertop. 5. Roll dough into a large circle. Cut into wedges and place on baking sheet. Brush each scone with half-and-half and sprinkle with sugar. Bake 15–17 minutes, then cool on wire rack.

(Recipe inspired by TwoPeasAndTheirPod.com.)

4. In glass measuring cup, whisk half-and- half, eggs, and vanilla extract. Pour over



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Unique Hot Chocolate Recipes You Need to Try

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What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Christmas Morning Cranberry Scones

Step Aside, Balto


Saves an Alaskan Town agree one hero stood out above the rest: Togo, lead dog of renown musher Leonhard Seppala, who crossed the longest and most dangerous leg of the relay. Togo’s 91-mile race crossed the frozen Norton Sound, where unstable ice could break apart and claim the lives of a musher and their dogs. But this route saved a day of travel, and Seppala and Togo carried on. In a whiteout blizzard, with temperatures at -85 F and winds up to 65 mph, Togo’s incredible stamina and ability to sense danger led his team to safety. Thanks to their bravery, the serum arrived in Nome in 5½ days. The official death toll for Nome and the surrounding Native Alaskan encampments was less than 100 — far below the 100,000 predicted. Today, a statue of Balto, the lead dog of the relay’s last leg, stands in Central Park, New York City, though it’s worth mentioning the award on the statue was not actually given to Balto, but to Togo. As Seppala said himself, “I never had a better dog than Togo. His stamina, loyalty, and intelligence could not be improved upon. Togo was the best dog that ever traveled the Alaska trail.”

I n the winter of 1924– 25, the Alaskan town of Nome suffered a deadly outbreak of diphtheria. Facing an epidemic, with no medicine on hand, the

entire population of Nome and the surrounding areas could’ve been wiped out. The doctor sent a plea to the U.S. Public Health Service in Washington, D.C., for help. Due to the harsh Alaskan winter, ships couldn’t reach the Nome port, and it was too dangerous for planes. Sled dogs were the only method of transportation available. They decided to send a shipment of serum by train to Nenana, Alaska. The serum was then transported to Nome by sled dog. The fastest trip from Nenana to Nome was nine days. Due to the brutal conditions, the serum could only last six days before it would expire. What followed was the Great Race of Mercy — a desperate relay to deliver the serum 700 miles across northern Alaska. Twenty mushers and 150 sled dogs participated in the relay, but most historians



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