Core Solutions: Helping Arthritis Pain

NEWSLETTER Core Solutions Physiotherapy &Wellness Staff Spotlight MARCIA QUIROGA

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not at work? My favorite thing to do outside of work is going for hikes (preferably trails that have a nice waterfall) and doing yoga. How’d you get started with that? I got started with yoga in my 3rd year of college during my reading week. I wanted to make my free time productive so I joined a yoga studio near my house and stuck with it ever since! With hiking I’ve always done some since a young girl but it has increased the past 3 summers now that my friends are into hiking. We usually plan girl days trips to find and explore new trails every weekend. Why do you like to do it? I love doing yoga as it pushes my mind, body and soul every time I go. I see the progress and capability of my body and it motivates me to continue. Hiking is a great work out and provides a beautiful view at the same time. What’s it mean to you? Both activities mean a lot to me as it helps with my overall well-being. It allows me to escape the worlds everyday noises and just enjoy what nature has to offer and most importantly keeps me balanced. What’s your funniest, scariest or most exciting moment? My funnest/scariest moment was when I went cliff jumping in British Columbia. I

am by no means afraid of heights but standing off the edge of that cliff sure made me hesitate for a good 10 minutes. Finally I was able to put mind over matter and jumped off ! It was such a fun, scary and exhilarating experience all wrapped in one. I would definitely do it again ! Pets? I have two pets both are dogs (sorry to all the cat lovers, I’m a dog person :)) the youngest is Mya she is 3 and she’s an American Eskimo and havenese mix, the oldest is my boy Nemo he is 6 and he’s a full breed American Eskimo.

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