TOP 10 ESSENTIALS for a successful wedding 7. RECEPTION VENUE. You can opt for a reception hall in the country, a posh hotel or simply a family member’s home. 8. FLOWERS. Choose a bouquet that goes with the bride’s outfit — and choose one that all the single women will try to catch when the time comes. 9. RENTAL EQUIPMENT. For the sound system, tableware and even the tables and chairs, opt for a local company with a trustworthy reputation. 10. GIFT REGISTRY. By making this virtual document available to your guests, you won’t receive the same gift twice.

3. WEDDING PLANNER. This service can take quite a load off your shoulders so you can focus on the important stuff. 4. GROOMSMEN AND BRIDESMAIDS. Choose people you like and who aren’t afraid of being in the spotlight. 5. CELEBRANT. Be sure that the person you choose to unite your destinies will allow you to personalize the ceremony. 6. LOCATIONOFTHECEREMONY. Do you prefer a church, city hall or a beach?

So the question has been popped and joyfully accepted. Now you both have to start thinking about what needs to get done to make sure this special day runs smoothly and that nothing is forgotten. Dear brides and grooms, here are the top 20 essentials to consider for a memorable wedding. 1. GUEST LIST. This is your day, so only invite the people with whom you actually want to share the moment. 2. INVITATIONS. Would you prefer to send out lavish printed invitations or simple virtual invitations? Whatever your choice, send them out as soon as you’ve set the date.

Pour de plus amples renseignements, contacter 613-443-1386 marriez? Planifiez votre occasion spécial dans un de nos centres communautaires à : Marionville, Embrun & Russell Des tarifs abordables Accueille 250 - 550 personnes Air climatisé License d’alcool à Marionville & Embrun Stationnement gratuit sur place Accessible Proche de chez soi Service personnalisé & possibilités infinies Des tarifs abordables Accueille 250 - 550 personnes ir cli tis License d’alcool ri vill & Embrun Stationne ent r t it r place i Proche soi Service r li pos ibilit s infinies Vous vous

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• Service de bar • Facile d’accès • Vestiaires • Tables rectangulaires ou rondes • Cuisinette disponible • 2 choix de chaises • Capacité de 400 personnes (peut être divisée en 2) Réservez notre salle pour votre mariage

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