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June 2018

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In many ways, I’ve learned how to be a better person because of my children. Just by paying attention to their actions and the things they say, and by living with them in the moment, I find myself relearning life skills. It’s been incredible to view my life through the eyes of a child. Here’s what I have learned. One moment, my children may be mad at me, but the next, they are telling me I’m “the best dad ever since I was born” — a sweet quote from Bethany. They don’t allow their anger to stew, and they don’t hold grudges. Holding on to anger acts as a poison in our bodies, and we only end up hurting ourselves. Adults can take note. My children have taught me how to have a forgiving heart. Forgiveness My son Nathan has taught me how to be myself. Nathan has dyed his hair many different colors. Right now, it’s blonde. At his age, and even now, I would have hesitated to stick out from the crowd. However, he feels free to express himself, even when his peers give him a hard time. Don’t get me wrong; Nathan better not get a tattoo anytime soon, but I will always allow him to be himself. When we, as parents, let our kids Authenticity

express themselves, we also teach them to accept differences in others.

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Passion and Perseverance

Natalie has taught me that heart and grit are essential for success. The key to success comes from a daily application of the one-two punch of passion and perseverance. Whether it has been through competitive soccer or academics, Natalie teaches heart and grit through example. When we are young, our minds are full of possibilities. We are creative in play and thought. But as adults, we lose some of our curiosity and close our minds to dreams. Why? Because as adults, we fear failure and don’t want to be wrong. Edith and I encourage our children to chase their dreams every day. We also teach them that mistakes are a part of life. Failure doesn’t define you; it refines you. Imagination

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Carpe Diem

It’s easy for children to get lost in the moment and put all concentration and effort into whatever is directly in front of them. Nothing is done halfway (except maybe their rooms).




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