CONTURO Edge Bander booklet

Mobile gluing (continued) and flush trimming of straight edges



Remove the machine from the end of the workpiece in the edging direction. NOTE Liquid glue on the end of the edging, for example, can be extremely hot.

The overhanging edging is now trimmed with the Festool trimming machine KP 65/2: insert the edge band between the trimming blades, move the trimming machine up to the stop pin, position parallel to the workpiece and press the handles together.



The tabletop on either side of the trimming machine allows you to trim left and right panel edges ergonomically to the same standard. TIP Allow the end of the edging to cool before trimming and make sure the trimming blades are sharp to guarantee a clean and accurate cut. You should replace blunt or damaged trimming blades with new blades, which are available as spare parts.

The result: edging trimmed flush with extreme precision. The KP 65/2 trimming machine is also suitable for trimming edging with a height of 18–65 mm (11/16”- 2 -9/16”) and a thickness of 0.5–2.0 mm (1/64”- 1/16”). Positioning the trimming handles in the trimming direction makes it much easier to trim thicker edging. ROUND PANELS  Page 33 The KP 65/2 trimming machine can be converted to trim joints with a few hand movements.


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