CONTURO Edge Bander booklet

Mobile attachment of edging to shaped parts with curves

The CONTURO can attach edging to curves with an inner radius of 50 mm (1-15/16”) and a minimum outer radius of 25–30 mm (1” to 1-3/16”). The thicker and more brittle the edging material is, the larger the radius must be. The process for attaching edging to curves is essentially the same as attaching edg- ing to straight workpieces. However, there are some small differences that you should bear in mind.



The additional roller is a helpful accessory for narrow curves and awkward spots. It increases the bending radius of the edging and offers an additional pressure point during attachment for better adhesion. To attach the additional roller, slide it into the groove provided until it engages.



The additional roller helps during the attachment of edging to tight outer curves by pressing down on the curved work- piece together with the other roller.

It is always advisable to process narrow internal curves with the additional roller. TIGHT CURVES When affixing edging to tight internal or external curves, set the feed speed to the 1st setting before starting work or during the task by pressing the feed speed button.


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