CONTURO Edge Bander booklet

3.4 Stationary gluing of edges

You can also work with the CONTURO as a stationary unit.

Simply insert an adapter plate in the MFT/3 multifunction table or a bench you have built yourself. Not only can you affix edging to straight edges or curves, but also oblique edges with an angle between 90° –45° because the CONTURO can be tilted 90°– 45° in the stationary unit.


If you intend to use the CONTURO in the MFT/3, first replace the perforated board with panel LP-KA 65 MFT/3. The recess in the panel is the right size for installing the adapter plate and the threaded bushes for the guide plates. If you are working with a bench you have built yourself, the tabletop will require a recess and a cut-out so that the adapter plate can be screwed in flush. Refer to the accompanying routing template for the exact dimensions.


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