CONTURO Edge Bander booklet

3.5 Edge finish

Once the edging is glued and trimmed, add the finishing touches: cut away overhanging material, smooth edging, finish corners and polish edging to a high gloss finish if necessary. Ideal for routing edging: the Festool MFK 700 Basic edge router with spring-loaded ball bearing guide brake and chip deflector. This is designed specially for machining the most delicate of edging without leaving behind marks. The scraper is made from durable solid carbide and was specially designed for smoothing edges. The scraper has three integral edges (R1, R1.5 and R2 mm) for smoothing routed curves and rounding thin edging.



Resting the scraper on the attached cord ensures perfect guidance.

The three different edges on the scraper allow you not only to smooth down edging, but also round thin edging.


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