CONTURO Edge Bander booklet




Place the workpiece on the guide rail adapter and guide evenly past the CONTURO. Loop the edging over the black guide pin so that it does not obstruct the working area.

Your mitred edge is quick and easy to glue.

In order to attach edging to shaped parts, you may have to partially unscrew the guide plates otherwise they could prevent you from turning and guiding the workpiece along the CONTURO, depending on the shape. Stationary attachment of edging to small shaped parts

The edging is glued as already described.

TIP If you have to unscrew all the guide plates, simply attach them to the underside of the shaped part using double-sided adhesive tape. This ensures the part is at the correct height in relation to the edge bander or edge band, and also that the correct amount of edging is overhanging.


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