CONTURO Edge Bander booklet

The glue application system on the CONTURO

The glue is applied to the edge band through a nozzle for greater precision, guaranteed clean edges and narrow joints. The glue dosage is adapted automatically to the preset edging height. The “remaining edge length” indicator on the display shows how many feet of edging can be affixed with the current settings. Additionally, you always know whether you need to insert additional glue cartridges, which is important because it is not possible to insert cartridges during the gluing process.


The correct temperature

The CONTURO has two temperature settings: Setting 1 = 190 °C (374° F) for natural coloured glue Setting 2 = 200 °C (392° F) for white glue

The perfect glue supply in line with the material

When applying glue to porous materials such as chipboard, it is advisable to increase the flow of glue. Simply press the mode button in the display menu until the value you wish to change flashes. Use the arrow buttons to change the value and press OK to confirm. The remaining edge length is recalculated automatically in line with the new preset glue quantity.


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