CONTURO Edge Bander booklet

Changing colours, continued.



Insert new adhesive cartridges in the desired colour and close the flap again.

Adjust the rotary knob to the maximum edging height.



Actuate the safety lever for purging the machine while simultaneously turning the rotary knob clockwise until the central plate rests against the bottom of the machine. The machine now is set to purging position. NOTE Glue may escape immediately.

Press and hold the start button until the purging symbol appears on the display. Glue now starts to escape from the nozzle.

Allow purging to continue until the new colour escapes from the nozzle. You may have to repeat steps 3–8 to insert additional cartridges. You can finish or interrupt purging by pressing the start button again and turning the rotary knob clockwise until the desired edging height is set. The glue nozzles are then closed again, the display indicates that the machine is ready for normal operation. Insert the drop catcher again at the end of the purging process.



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