CONTURO Edge Bander booklet

Festool offers glue cartridges in the colours white and natural. The white glue is mainly suitable for produc- ing virtually invisible joins on bright and white materials, whereas the natural coloured glue is ideal for all types of wood and other colours. If you wish to change the colour of the glue, the glue with the old colour can be pressed from the machine without an edge band, as described here. Changing colours




The CONTURO system contains approximately the same quantity of glue as three glue cartridges. You must therefore use three cartridges to purge the machine completely.

Place the machine on the edge of the bench for purging and remove the drop catcher. Position a container (e.g. box) under the CONTURO to catch the hot glue.



Now press the refill button, …

… wait until the feed has moved back and open the flap. If you can see full cartridges with the old colour in the machine, these can now be removed.


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