A Resilient Africa 2020 - An AfriLabs Impact Report


Projects under the AfriLabs Virtual Meetup Grants

Summary of the project

A 17-part web series on the Sustainable Development Goals, that addressed the SDGs and COVID-19. 17 experts from the private sector as well as government shared their knowledge on the various SDGs and highlights on the goals, Zambia’s position/ranking, existing challenges with achieving each goal. At the beginning and end of every session, a selected healthcare professional addressed the escalating novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic by sharing an overview of the current situation at the national level (as presented by the WHO and Ministry of Health of the Republic of Zambia), as well as small and large scale interventions taking place across the globe to fight the pandemic and deliver value for communities. The Virtual SDG Meetup was organized as part of the #Innovation4Future Startup Webinar Series. The meetup happened in 2 series; the first series was a virtual workshop that was facilitated by company builders, investors and developmental organizations that are working directly with the SDGs and the second series was a hackathon, where participating start-ups worked in groups to design tech-driven solutions around the discussion SDGs during the workshop. The winning group were awarded a mini-grant. In regards to this virtual meetup, the focus was on SDG 3, SDG 8, SDG 17 and COVID-19. An online meet-up for interactive discussions on how to provide innovative solutions that can leverage digital technologies particularly for teachers and possibly parents particularly during and post the current pandemic. The meet-up also provided a means to improve the digital literacy of these groups to enable them to function in a rapidly changing technological age (consistent with SDG 4.4.1 on relevant skills and lifelong learning. This webinar was the first in the EdTech low-income schools series, where presenters gave concrete examples of uses of educational technologies in low-income schools, and low-cost implementation strategies to use Tech to continue education for the underserved. Current effects and challenges faced due to the pandemic were also discussed. Virtual SGD meetups with key stakeholders (a network of climate change advocates, startups, innovators and hubs). The key outcome of these SDG meetups was the development of a strategic climate and sustainability digital campaign around WASH campaigns in light of COVID-19. The meetups specifically addressed SDGs Goal 3 – Good Health and Well Being; Goal 4 – Quality Education; Goal 6 – Clean Water and Sanitation; Goal 17 – Partnership for the goals. This also aligns with globally recognized COVID-19 preventive measures such as regular hand washing, use of alcohol-based sanitisers and general hygienic practices. The project empowered deaf and dumb persons with entrepreneurship, health and leadership education and brought innovators together to brainstorm new ideas and generate solutions to basic social integration challenges of deaf and dumb persons. The meetup focussed on SDG goals 4,8,10,11 & 17 with emphasis on Goal 10 which is Reduced inequality within among countries. Disability is referenced in various parts of the SDGs and specifically in parts related to education, growth and employment, inequality, accessibility of human settlements, as well as data collection and monitoring of the SDGs. The deaf and dumb state of existence has been made far worse with the wake of COVID-19 pandemic and this project attempted to change the narrative starting those located within the Western Region of Ghana. The virtual meetup was done in collaboration with the Western Region Association of Deaf and Dumb, University of Mines and Technology and Ghana Hubs Network.

BongoHive Zambia

Ennovate Hub Tanzania

TechQuest STEM Academy Nigeria

Clean Technology Hub Nigeria

Tarkwa Entrepreneurship Development Hub Ghana

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