A Resilient Africa 2020 - An AfriLabs Impact Report

The program was a virtual meeting comprising several breakout training sessions that allowed different stakeholders from diverse sectors to participate. The meetup covered relevant and representative themes that encompassed all categories of needs, ranging from the new realities caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the SDGs. FemQuip is a project that will help in financial and gender inclusion and, considering that 45% of the labour force in Nigeria are women, it will no doubt boost the economy of Kwara state and Nigeria. The FemEquip project will run for two months and the selected delegates will have the opportunity to learn from regional female business experts. FemEquip is designed to reduce the inequalities and barriers affecting women in business by accelerating progress in gender equality through entrepreneurship development, linking and learning and access to finance. The programme will cover all lesson learnt during the AfriLabs Week of Learning, building on the shared strategy to train participants on business models and technical skills to navigate through COVID-19, value chain, mentors and mentees relationship, leading a virtual enterprise, building financial and governance structure. In this virtual meeting, we will be engaging with start-ups, innovators and entrepreneurs in The Gambia to tackle key business practices through effective mentoring strategies ranging from best business principles, pre-incubation, incubation and operation. Aligned with the importance of Digital media and Digital Marketing in this day and age, participants will be taken through a detailed explanation of branding and marketing and how best they can utilize social media to market their goods and services by engaging with their communities both online and offline. This will be done in order to ensure that start-ups and entrepreneurs are using the best tools available in their communities to create solutions and innovation that will make life easier for their local communities. The goal of the virtual meeting is to ensure that start-ups, innovators and entrepreneurs acquire new business strategies, goal-oriented business models that ensure the creation of realistic business plans focused on impact-driven, effective business strategies that will create and buffer solutions in their local communities while also utilising digital marketing to market and monetize their goods and services online. ODOHEG is a full-day virtual mentoring event for startups at the idea level. It combines individual virtual mentor sessions and start-up networking, focusing on business growth and personal growth. During the event, we will work with approximately 30 mentors 20 from our existing network and 10 through a specific call for application. All mentors match our high requirements concerning the Hub’s values, integrity and professional background. Each mentee will receive tools to apply their learnings within their community and also is encouraged to create their own mentoring systems and projects. A platform for female founders to learn to generate their business ideas, then pitch their new/ running business ideas so as to raise awareness of them and grow their reach. Through working with the ecosystem in Harare, we aim to provide a platform for networking, collaboration, and attracting investment. We will support female founders through building their capacity to pitch their enterprises in a monthly virtual event, based on a solid business model. We will train them to get investor ready and provide market, funding and mentoring linkages as they will work with designated mentors/coaches as well as benefit from peer to peer interactions. The virtual meetups will be named #ShePitchesZW and will execute some strategies picked during the AfriLabs Learning Week. Our chief goals will be to provide a platform for female founders of all ages to pitch new and running business ideas so as to raise awareness of them and grow their reach, provide a platform for networking, collaboration and attracting investment. This virtual meeting will allow us to educate 100 young entrepreneurs (men and women) on the importance of mentoring and coaching for the proper conduct of their activities. This project will consist of an awareness and exchange session on the advantages and the need for a Mentoring and Coaching program for 100 young entrepreneurs in Guinea. The main objective is to emphasize the importance and the need to have a mentor and a coach among entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs at all stages of their business projects. the specific objectives are: - knowing how to choose your mentor and coach - How to prepare and identify these

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