Liberty Inspection Group - Spring 2020

C ontract and pricing negotiations may not be as intense as high-stakes hostage situations, but the skills for accomplishing your goals in both of these scenarios are one and the same — at least from Chris Voss’ expert perspective. Voss began his career as a Kansas City, Missouri, police officer and soon worked his way into the FBI, where he served as a hostage negotiator “making deals” with

Chris Earley’s Bookshelf ‘Never Split the Difference’ With the Expertise of a Top FBI Negotiator

thieves and terrorists. His skill set pushed him into the upper echelons of the FBI as its lead internal kidnapping interrogator. After years of talking notorious criminals out of their plans and saving hundreds of lives, Voss has compiled his skills, tactics, and knowledge into one helpful guide for business leaders, parents, friends, and anyone who has to find a complex solution without sacrificing their goals.

Voss’ “Never Split the Difference” mixes in stories of his time with the FBI and distills the lessons he learned and the skills he used into simple


"Tyler at Liberty Inspection Services was professional, knowledgeable, and very informative during the home inspection. My clients were very happy with the service provided. Thank you, Tyler!" –Grace C. "Tyler was the inspector, and after 11 years in real estate, I found him to be an absolute breath of fresh air. He is knowledgeable, friendly, and REALISTIC. He doesn't blow simple repairs out of proportion and discusses reasonable options/resolutions for situations that arise. I will confidently recommend him to future clients."

–David W.

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