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Reading Your Report A Guide to Understanding What’s in the Inspection Report

pieces of advice. From business leaders to families facing divorce and custody battles, “Never Split the Difference” has advice that’s applicable to everyone. Voss encourages

readers to never sway in their goals while finding a happy ending between those they are negotiating between. As Voss explains, there are some situations that require a reversal or compromise on your position, but having the skill set to determine when this is necessary is valuable.

An inspection can be a vital component to a property sale, and it comes with an even more important tool: the report. But do you know how to read it? Follow this guide to become familiar.

“Never Split the Difference” was eye-opening for me. It taught me valuable skills to use in personal and professional negotiations and how to fully assess a situation to determine if my gut reaction is where I need to stand firm. I believe this book is beneficial for anyone to read, regardless of your job or position. We negotiate with people every day, whether we realize that’s what we’re doing or not. To do it gracefully is a skill only the FBI’s best can teach us.

Do This First

Review an inspection report as soon as possible after receiving it. This gives buyers enough time to make a decision about the property and sellers enough time to fix their properties before a sale. Real estate agents should also familiarize themselves with the report and coordinate with their clients to contextualize the findings for a client’s next steps or negotiation tactics. One of the best tools for doing this can be found in the summary. This is an overview of the findings and a simplified list of recommendations and observations. Industry-specific language can mean very little to clients, but when you’re proficient in the language, you can offer guidance for understanding an inspection report. Here are a few of our most commonly used words to get you started. • Defective: This label is used to identify residential properties that have significant issues that would impact the value of the property or endanger people on the property. We always recommend defective components be repaired by licensed contractors prior to the close of escrow and further examined after the sale. • Attention/Maintenance Recommended: This designation is given to environments that could breed further damage and issues. While these are more courtesy observations than anything, we recommend changes be made prior to the purchase of the property. • Safety: We use this label when we identify damage, deterioration, improper installation, or changes that don’t meet residential standards and could possibly be a significant risk. Buyers and sellers will have to determine if changes are warranted prior to the sale. Understand What It Means

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1 tsp dried parsley flakes

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1/2 tsp dill weed

1/2 tsp fresh chives, minced


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Not Sure? Ask Us!

Our team is here to serve you and your clients. If you don’t understand something in our report or if you’d like further explanation, contact the building consultant who did the inspection. You’re paying for the benefit of our expertise, and you deserve every ounce that we have to offer.

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