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Football Fan There may be nothing that brings people together more than sports, and if you ask me, there is no better way to spend a weekend than with the pigskin. Froman early age, I remember waking up on Sunday mornings excited to root for the Green Bay Packers. Before football season even started we would pile into the car and head to the Packers Hall of Fame in Green Bay, anxiously awaiting the start of a new season as we watched their training camp practices, collected player autographs on our official Green Back Packer football helmet, and hoped for the best. Though the Packers will always own a piece

of my heart, I developed a deep love for the Broncos after moving to Colorado in the early 1980s. In fact, back in 1998 when the Packers and Broncos met each other in the Super Bowl, I went full half and half with my attire, unable to pick a side between my two home teams. On the one hand I wanted my Packers to win a second consecutive Super Bowl with Brett Favre but on the other hand I wanted my Broncos to win their first one with John Elway after losing their four previous Super Bowls. I’m sure everyone has fond memories of rooting for their favorite teams like this. I think theway that being a spectator to such a popular sport can bring somany people together is something pretty special about our culture, and I’mdefinitely ready to kick off a newseason this fall. Tim Bonack

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