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Next Step Welcomes Dr. Phil Giordano

INSIDE : • Exercise Away Your Aches & Pains • How Physical Therapy Can Help Relieve Your Pain I chose to work at Next Step Physical Therapy because I was attracted to their personalized treatment approach. I truly find the power of touch, and being able to listen and talk to patients makes a huge difference in their outcomes. Next Step Physical Therapy’s approach will allow me to treat each person as an individual with specific needs and goals, which is really important to me. I plan to make it my goal to treat all my patients with care and empathy and What made you go into physical therapy? I decided to become a Physical Therapist due to an experience I had helping my grandfather at a very young age. My grandfather used to take my family to wonderful vacations and fantastic dinners all the time. However, he had some medical conditions like diabetes and other health conditions that limited what he was able to do on a day-to-day basis. I would constantly find myself helping him get up from chairs, walk around the resorts, and generally helping him get through the day. It made me happy to see him smile and be able to enjoy his time with myself and my family. From that experience, I knew I wanted to help other individuals who needed aid and rehabilitation as well. I knew that physical therapywasagoodrouteandaperfectfitforme. Why did you choose to practice at Next Step Physical Therapy?

help create a stimulating a n d e d u c a t i o n a l healing environment. What additional interests do you have that you think can make Next Step PT even better?

• Relieve Leg Pain In Minutes • Patient Success Spotlight One interesting fact about myself is that I am partially color blind. I have red- green color blindness, which is a fairly common genetic trait found in males. I have slight difficulty differentiating colors that blend together like red-green, grey- pink, yellow-orange, blue-purple, etc. So, if you happen to see my tie doesn’t match my outfit well, please let me know! :) Thank you to everybody reading, and I truly look forward to meeting with you all on a more personal basis! Take care! I am very keen on proper nutrition and how fueling your body correctly can help you get to your physical therapy goals even faster. In addition, people don’t realize how eating certain food at certain times of the day can help boost energy levels, which is optimal for the healing process. I’m really excited to be able to add this knowledge to the practice and to the patients that I see. What’s one thing about you that most people don’t know ?

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