Help with School Fees - Bursaries and Scholarships

What is a Dulwich College Bursary? A Dulwich College bursary is the offer of financial assistance to cover the cost of fees - in full or in part. Bursaries range from 10% of fees to 100% of fees. The majority of awards are between 75% and 100%. Who is eligible for a Dulwich College Bursary? Bursaries provide support to the families of boys who pass the entrance examinations and interview and are offered a place, but whose financial circumstances mean they cannot afford to pay (in full or in part) the school fees. A Dulwich College bursary is means-tested. In making an award, the College’s Bursary Committee takes into account family income and assets. What are the criteria for being offered a place at Dulwich College? Boys who are offered a place – with or without a Bursary and/or Scholarship – are almost all in the top 15% of academic ability for their age group across the UK. In addition, boys who join the College are generally instinctively curious, enjoy learning and enthusiastic to stretch themselves to their limits.

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